Hey! Grant from Pasadena

Hello! I’ve been a Justin student for over a decade now. YouTube history tells me my first lessons were his Layla Unplugged videos; from there I was hooked. I’ve pointed a number of aspiring guitarists towards Justin as the place they should start, and have found Justin’s songbooks to make fine gifts (for others… and for myself)!

I’ve long been an amateur geek about music theory, and I’m always trying to spot patterns and themes to help me understand why certain musical decisions (chord changes, rhythms, etc.) “work”. As such, I’ve loved the extra depth Justin provides in his videos: you watch a video to learn how to play a single song, but by the end you’ve learned theory and technical skills you can apply to many other songs… including writing your own. Justin explains the “why” far better than most instructors I’ve encountered (both online and in person).

Recently, I began a new practice routine (as is too often the case, I’m coming off of a long guitar dry spell), and focusing my efforts on fingerpicking songs, which I find viscerally satisfying. Most recently, I learned Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” from Justin’s lesson. I’m also big into transcribing. Although I seldom write down more than the chords, I savor the challenge of learning a song by myself first, then finding Justin’s video (or a video from the one other online instructor I trust), and “grading” myself.

I tend to keep guitar and music to myself, so I’m going to make an effort at participating in the community as I work my way through some new lessons. Thanks to Justin and his team for continuing to create such valuable lessons and content over so many years!



Hey Grant, welcome to the community. I have many fond memories of the time I lived in Pasadena in the late 70s. I’ve been using Justin Guitar for 10 years as well and just love his content. Fingerpicking is great, it’s my favourite. Look forward to hearing more from you. Keep up the great stuff.

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Welcome Grant, I also try to do by myself and then I check the tutorials to “grade” how I did (only for the Rhythm part, I’m still not able to transcribe the chords). This is a very nice place with supportive people for sharing about our guitar journeys and I’m sure you’ll find out soon how your “effort” will pay off. Silvia.

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Hi Grant
Welcome :slight_smile: I’m relatively new to the community also but found it very welcoming and supportive. It is a very nice place :slight_smile:

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Welcome Grant, good to have you here and pleased you’re finding the course such a resource.

I’ve been to a few locations in California but never Pasadena, in fact my only knowledge of Pasadena was as the location of Depeche Mode 101 album recording at the Rose Bowl.

Good luck and happy playing!

Hi Grant,
Welcome and i wish you a lot of fun …
Greetings Rogier

Welcome, Grant! Wow, that’s awesome that you came across Justin so long ago. I have thought about (but haven’t tried yet) your method of trying to transcribe a song first and only then going to Justin’s lesson to see how well you did :sweat_smile: so it cool to hear that you (and @SILVIA and probably many others!) do the same thing as well :grin:

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Hello Grant and welcome to the community.
Ten years in and its great to know you’re still playing the good stuff and still finding inspiration in Justin’s lessons.

Hi Grant! Glad the guitar lessons here are paying off for you! Rock on!! :relaxed:

Hello, Grant. I’m glad you introduced yourself. It is great to hear from students that have a longer history working with Justin and his resources. I have found the folks here to be very encouraging. And, I hope you find this community a place for encouragement as well. Excited to learn more about how your finger picking progresses.


Hello Grant and welcome to the community. :slight_smile: