Hey, I'm Freddie from Dorset

Hi, I’m Freddie, I’m 15 and all of a sudden i’ve been seized by a desire to learn the guitar. Maybe it’s to do with the fact that i adore Sir Brian May, i don’t know…

I’ve literally been playing for about three to four weeks, and my sister had Justin’s book from when she learned guitar at school, so I thought I’d give it a look, and it turns out that Justin is an amazing teacher! Me and my brother want to be in a band together, so we’re both learning. Keep your ears open for the band All The Young Dudes, we’re gonna be big!

I’m kidding, but if we ever do get big, i will credit Justin fully for our guitar skills.


Hi Freddie, good luck with getting the band together, looking forward to that. Welcome to the group.

Fingers crossed you like it and stick with it Freddie.

All the best,

Hi and very welcome. Wish you all the very best how ever it goes. Remember to have fun and enjoy every moment with the instrument. Music is magic. :+1: :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum Freddie

Welcome, Freddie :wave:

Hey Freddie, welcome to the community. You are my brush with fame this week.

Welcome, Freddie! Loving your enthusiasm, that’s the spirit!! Can’t wait to hear All The Young Dudes belting out some great tunes with Sir Brian May-inspired solo shredding! :metal: All the best with your journey :smiley: :+1:

Hey Freddie and welcome!

Hi Freddie,
Welcome here and I wish you al lot of fun and a long long life of learning and playing guitar :sunglasses:
I’ll be watching you :sunglasses:

Hi Freddie! Already looking forward to get the first song of All The Young Dudes. Stay as enthousiastic as you are and keep motivated! Nice to have you here in the community!

Hello Freddie, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
You have big plans. That’s great :smiley:.
With your enthusiasm and Justin as your teacher, lots is possible :star_struck:.

Hi Freddie,

welcome to the community! Dream big - you never know how far it’ll bring you. The sky’s the only limit and sometimes those vivid, big dreams keep us going. :smiley:

I feel your enthusiasm so hard - keep it alive as much as possible. Learning something new will always be rewarding, especially when you can share this with your siblings. This is awesome!

So, have loads of fun on your journey. I’m looking forward to hearing of you and “All the Young Dudes”! :guitar: :smiley:

Welcome, Freddie!

Freddie, welcome to the community. It is great you are learning along with your brother. As you advance, you can take turns playing rhythm and lead guitar.

Hello Freddie and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Dream big, that’s what I like to read. I hope you achieve your dream.

Hi Freddie, Welcome to the community. Great you have a fantastic goals great opportunity to learn at a young age.
Great opening rift by Mott the Hopple “All The Young Dudes” :love_you_gesture:
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi Freddie, welcome. I wish you the best with your plans. Have a fun time learning how to play the guitar.

Hello Freddie and welcome to JustinGuitar and the Community.
Learning in your teenage years - you’re going to get some of the older folks here feeling envious of your youth and supple fingers and neuro-elasticity!
If you have the beginner course book with 2 dvds be aware that it matches the older version of the (now called) Classic beginner course. It will be a little different to the newer beginner course on the website. It is all good stuff but Justin wanted to update and improve it when he built the new website everything is now hosted on.
If you want any help navigating the site, sorting out learning and playing issues or just general support, do ask.
Richard :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community Freddie what a great age to start.