Hey I'm Levi from around San Antonio Texas

My brother takes this course and he just started teaching me the bare basics. I just started with the One-Minute Chord Changes exercise and saw a link to this page. I am virtually a start from scratch beginner so I am excited to see if this turns into anything.

This is my first real instrument, so I hopefully won’t feel left out when people talk about instruments they play

P.S. I want to find this other JohnnyBGoode. I tried to make that my username but it wouldn’t let me. So, I had to settle for JohnnyBeGoode.


Welcome Levi,

The start of a great journey mate. Great to have your brother around too to help you along.
Great community here. Reach out any time.
Looking forward to see you progress.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane.


Wow! You answered fast. I posted that just two minutes ago. I wonder if that was just good timing or I will always get replies that quickly.

Thank you for responding,


Hey Levi,

Yep, it’s fairly active in this community. Lots of folks here keen to welcome newcomers - one way of paying it forward.
I’m just relaxin with my morning coffee atm - usually a good time for me to check into the community.

Cheers Shane


By atm do you mean Automated Teller Machine or atmosphere? The latter would make more sense. But I just wanted to make sure. Also, I was thrown off by you talking about your MORNING coffee. You must live in australia or europe.

Thank you,


Welcome to the forum Levi!!
Wish you all the best in your journey :grin:

Hi Levi and welcome to the community. The start of something big I hope.

Hey Levi, welcome to the community. The one minute chord changes lesson really helped me when I was starting out. I remember visiting San Antonio when I was about your age.

Hi Levi,

Yes, I live in Australia. People from all over the world here. You’ll ‘meet’ many interesting people on here, from all walks of life and all levels of their guitar journey.
Ps - ‘atm’ = at the moment :smiling_face_with_tear:

Cheers, Shane

Hi Shane,

I’m asking YOU this just because you’re the only person I’ve talked to on the website. Just out of curiosity, Is there a way to look for profiles using an age filter or see profiles separated into age categories? I haven’t found a way but it would be interesting if you could.



Welcome, Levi. A little over 4 months in myself. No negativity in this community because we’re all on the same path at different stages. Congrats on taking up guitar. It’ll be fun when you can play with your brother.


Thanks for the support!


No I don’t believe so. If you’re looking for people around your own age bracket, you’ll be sure to find them here. It’s a pretty widespread demographic.

Cheers, Shane

Welcome, Levi. I am also fairly new to this community but really appreciate the positivity of all the members here. Hope you enjoy the guitar journey. It brings rewards in all forms.

All the best!

Hi Levi,
Welcome,and a lot of pleasant surprises await you in the coming time/ years …start at the beginning, keep calm and remember that you will learn to play guitar almost automatically if you continue with perfect practice… …read a little, play a lot and you get all the fun for free.

Hello Levi, a very warm welcome to the Community.
It’s great that you and your brother are learning together. You’ll be having family music sessions in next to no time I’m sure.
The best advice is to start at the beginning, Grade 1, Module 1 and be a good student in terms of practice and effort. The first steps are hard for everyone - all new guitarists have their struggles. This community is a place to share your struggles, seek advice, encouragement and much more.
As to the age groups - we have all ages from young to old. Music has no age barrier! :slight_smile: Cheers Richard

Hello Levi and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

When you find him maybe you could have a guitar-off to see who get’s to have the username. :smiley:

Welcome, Levi, wish you much success following the programme and learning to play.


Something like that, lol


Hi Levi. Welcome to the community. The Justin guitar method is nothing short of fantastic. Go through the lessons one by one and you will get there. I suggest to take it as slowly as you need to. Try to work on timing as early as possible and of course have fun! I suggest record your progress on your phone and you will see how quickly you progress in a matter of weeks. Good luck.

Jeff from California