Hey Joe jam


Definitely got the Jimi vibe down to a tee, nicely done and excellent bends; liked it :metal:t2:

Cheers man. Good tune to jam to.

That was awesome. I agree with Darrell. Such great bendings. And the whole performance is great to see. You’re totally givin’ it all :smile:

Cool! :sunglasses: :partying_face: :+1: :cowboy_hat_face:


Cheers! It’s all or nothing music?

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wow, cool stuff @Starav
Tasty phrasing!

Cheers. Following the man then improv. Works ok, but a wee bit too much repetition. Goes on too long.

Wow, that was great!

Well dang, that was pretty great! Thanks for sharing.

Really nice to see you move beyond the usual Jimi solo.
Nice work. Great inspiration.

Woohoo! That was so awesome! Amazing playing! :metal:

I thought that was pretty cool. Good one, sounded great, totally Jimi.

Lovely, simply lovely!!!

Very cool Iain. That was great, you really know how to rock it.

:clap: :clap: :clap: That was great!

Cheers. Goes on a bit too long. But it’s just trying ideas.

Thanks. One of the better takes!

It’s a fun progression. Goes up in fifths? Quite unusual, but you can hear where the chords are going quite easily. The secret to soloing over chords…know the chords!

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