Hey Joe - what is the app count?

Just revising grade 1 lesson 6. Why is the count for Hey Joe on the app only 1 . 2 . and not 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . ???

Good question - I suspect that may be a bug for that song.

Feels like a standard 4/4 beat at 84 BPM song to me, but the count in beats are half tempo.

I would suggest you count in at full tempo - strum down on each beat and between each beat.

@MusopiaApps - tagged for reference.

@Tbushell @guitalias

Thank you for bringing this to our attention guys, we will get our content team to look into this asap and hopefully fix the count-in! :slight_smile:

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Funny thing is that it did used to be 4/4 in the app. The change was fairly recent. The (now removed) Nothing Else Matters by Metallica also changed at the same time.