Hey, new here, Greetings from India, i am 21

I have been learning on this site for a while now, about a month or so, and i wasn’t honestly aware that a community tab existed until now lol. Figured i should introduce myself as i am really getting into the journey of learning guitar and i would be glad to make some acquaintances along the way to keep myself motivated.

I am a college student currently(engineering) and i didn’t really have a lot of friend’s /hobbies (even now i dont really have friend’s xD) but fortunately something which always used to calm and soothe my soul was music. I found myself always hearing to guitar covers and songs from different genres, i don’t really have a favorite player or genre which i listen to, its usually a mix. I know this will sound cheesy and weird maybe but i seriously wanted to start learning guitar when i watched this anime called “Bocchi the rock” and even “K-on”. Now, people might call it a weeby reason to get into music but in my family or even my surroundings i barely know anyone who’s into music or instruments at all. I picked up guitar because of my own will, it’s something i look forward to getting good at as it sounds and looks very appealing/cool to me. Any song with a guitar in the track usually ends up being on my repeat list.

Currently i listen to a lot of Jpop, jrock, pop, rock and blues and making my way through the beginner courses. So far i have completed module 5 or grade 1 and making my way through the rest of grade 1. I really want to thanks justin and his team for providing course of this amazing quality for free, specially for students like me who aren’t still earning for themselves. I love the way justin teaches guitar, makes self learning easier for me as well.

The only problem i have currently is that, there are few songs i have in mind (jpop, jrock related) that i am wanting to play but it’s hard for me to get them down. I don’t know if at my level i should even be able to play songs like those. But i guess that’s the down side of self learning songs you want to play, it cant be personalized for everyone but yeah if anyone is willing to give any advice on how i should approach learning songs i want to play, do consider helping out a newbie :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this journey, hopefully I’ll be able to get decent at guitar someday!

Oh btw, i am learning electric guitar which i bought 2nd hand (First time ever learning a music instrument)
Model- Ibanez Grg121dx
Amp- Roland Cube


Hello Kanishk and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter what music inspires you to play as long as you are inspired.

For songs, follow Justin’s course and some of the songs he recommends to learn during his course. They will set you in good stead for your guitar adventure. I’ve seen the song you posted that you would like to learn to play and that is something for further down the road. You need to learn to walk before you can run. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Have fun.

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Hi Kanishk, Welcome to the community.
Does not matter what music you like main thing is your motivated to learn and pickup the guitar.
You have loads of music friends we are all at different stages of our journey.
I would say try to get the basics down before you go down the rabbit holes we have all done it :slight_smile:
Lovely Guitar
Good luck

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Welcome to the forum Kanishk

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Welcome to the community, Kanishk! :smiley:

Glad you joined us - you’re in good company here as we all share one same love: music and guitar. :smiley:

Regards your question: It really depends on the particular song. You can always give it a try, with some experience you’ll soon notice, if something is out of your reach. You then put it aside until you’re ready for it (i.e. give it multiple tries in the long run). To get there, follow along with Justin’s course and try some of the songs suggested, as he knows quite well, what will work on the given level. :slight_smile:

Take your time and enjoy the journey - lots of fun on your way! :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa


Welcome Kanishk!

I’d also recommend following the course, you’ll get a feel for what level you are and what is possible soon. With an open mind, you’ll find more beginner-friendly songs that vibe with you, to practice for the moment.

I agree with Lisa though, I think it’s good to every few weeks, check the songs that weren’t at the level you’re comfortable playing.

But this is something that comes later in Grade 2 imo.
Justin emphasizes in the later grades how to assess what you need on a more individual basis while consolidating the basics.

I wish you lots of fun and good progress with your axe!



Hello Kanishk,
welcome to the forum. You will be in good company. Lot’s of fellow enthusiasts here who share the same passion for guitar and music in general like you do! Looking forward to hearing more from you!


Hi Kanishk,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hi Kanishk, welcome to the community. Once you finish Grade 1, you should be able to play most songs if you simplify to simple open chords and simple rhythms. Look at as many Grade 1 song videos as you can and you can see Justin show you how to play songs with simple strums and chords and then how to use more complicated chords and rhythms as you progress. You said that you like many genres of music, so have fun using the song lessons on the website to learn songs from many genres and eras of music.

Hi Kanishk, welcome. Good you’re learning to play guitar. As others have said you can give it a try to your dream songs, but don’t feel discouraged if doesn’t sound good or you can’t play them at all; you’re just starting your guitar learning. You may be able to find lyrics and chords of a song you want on the internet if Justin doesn’t have a lesson or it’s not on his paid tabs service. Other sources may not be as accurate as Justin but you still can look at what chords are required for the song and look ahead in your path what do you need to learn to play the song. You can get acquainted with the song by listening to the record and trying to keep the rhythm tapping your left foot, if right handed (Justin has a lesson about it). If it’s rock normally you can do one down strum per beat of the song and if it’s too much for you, can do one strum every four beats. It won’t sound like the record probably, but it will be your cover of the song and should be proud of whatever you can achieve at each stage. If you follow the lessons the available options for playing the songs you like will increase and your covers can have a richer sound. Have fun.