Hey there from Tim in North Carolina

Hi everyone. I am getting started with Justin’s system here and so far really like it. I am an older student that has focused on family and work but have always wanted to learn guitar. Finally, I have enough ‘me’ time to actually work on it.

I do have a question. I started the course on my phone with the app. I noticed that the app doesn’t sync with the web site which is fine. But which one should I use? If the Web site is the right place, how do I sync up with the progress I have made on the app?

Thanks for the help, this looks like a really great place!!



Hi Tim and welcome :smiley: I’m so glad you’re making time for something that’s important to you.

I can’t help you with the app sorry, but there will someone along soon who will help.

Hello Tim
I also use the app. The way I understand it is the lessons are the same. The app just has a few more tools.

Welcome aboard Tim! I started the course last October; I use the website for all the lessons and the app for the songs. I found the website to be better equipped, as far as the lessons are concerned (mainly for the notes that accompany the lessons). Good luck and enjoy the journey! :smiley:

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Welcome to the Community, Tim, wonderful to be pursuing the dream and you’ll make it a reality following Justin’s programmes.

I’ve never used the app but believe the lessons are the same. The app only includes grade 1 and 2 at this stage, so when you get to that point you’ll have to switch to the website (maybe that’ll change in time)

I don’t believe there is any way to sync the two.

Hello Tim and welcome. :slight_smile:

I started out on the app but found the website (and books) better for me than the app. I keep the app though just to help Justin out with some £££. Like David has said I don’t think you can sync the two.

Hi Tim and welcome.

Sensible use of “me” time for sure. I am another who does not use that app but as David has said the lessons on the app and website for Grades 1 and 2 are identical. But as I understand they are produces by separate providers and as such not integrated. The website records your progress, so give you continuity post Grade 2 but from what I have heard the app song element is a good way for beginners to learn songs quickly. Whatever you chose, have fun and enjoy.



Welcome Tim. I use the web site for the lessons and I used the app for the song practice. I found the app to be a fun way to work on chord changes and strumming patterns. As I improved I also used it to provide backing for some simple riff practice. The ability to change the speed is particularly helpful when learning a new set of chord changes or strum patterns or applying them to a fast tempo song. About syncing… if you decide to switch to the web site, its fairly easy to manually sync/catch up the web site to match where are in the app.
Enjoy the journey!

Hi Tim,
This is so the best site for learning the guitar.
I’m having a ball with it, so hope you do to!

I do the same, use the app for songs and the website for the lessons.

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Wow! What a great welcome. Thank you so much. I am having a lot of fun with the format and content here.