Hey ! Val from Belgium

Hello everyone,

I’m Valérian, 34 and living in Belgium. I have been a huge fan of music since I was 6 or so and a couple years ago I thought it was time for me to learn how to express myself via an instrument. I started to follow some online courses (Guitar Tricks) but then life (the birth of my little treasure to be more precise) got in the way and I dropped everything… Nonetheless, now I’m starting to have some free time again so I started Justin’s course last month (went through grade 1) and figured I should drop by and introduce myself as I want to stick with it for good this time.
As far as music goes, I listen to a huge variety of music genres (pop, pop rock, classic rock, punk, metal, k-pop, j-pop) with a main focus on metal music.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post (and sorry for any English mistakes made :s).
See you around!


Hi Valerian,
Welcome and you have found the best guitar learning site in the world (no kidding)…i wish you lots of fun and a long good learning curve :sunglasses:

Good to read that you have a ukulele… :grinning:

And no sorry for your English because a lot of people here don’t have it as their first language and sometimes write a bit weird (or difficult to read :roll_eyes:)


Heya Valérian! Welcome to the club!
As Rogier already mentioned, you’re definitely in the right environment/ company to properly learn the guitar here!


Hi Valerian
I am new to the community even though I have been following Justin’s guitar course for about 3 years. With the support of the wonderful people I see on here as well as following Justin’s well structured learning path you are well on the way to guitar hero🎸! Enjoy the journey and looking forward to hearing about your progress.
Eddie :ireland:


Hi Valerian! Hope you enjoy your time here and advance to where you would like to. :grinning: Metal is quite the challenge!

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Welcome Fellow Belgian! :smiley:

Having a broad taste in music is a good start.
Passion is even more important :smiley:

See you around!

Hey Valérian, welcome to the community, so pleased to hear you are finding your groove. Keep up the great work, it just gets better and better.

Hello Valerian. Greetings from Belgium here too!

You’ve definitly come to the right place to start learning!.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.

I can relate to your story, as i too began later in life with the guitar.

But keep at it. You started something wonderfull.

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Hi Valerian,
And a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.

Having children and playing an instrument is a really valuable, although not always easy combination. My parents haven’t ever learned/played an instrument. For my kids, I want it to be normal, and I think it’s also good, when they see us struggle with new things as well :wink:.

Wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :slightly_smiling_face:.


Welcome Val, it’s great to hear about your story and your desire to express yourself via guitar! You’re in the right place!

Thanks a lot everyone :slight_smile:

Welcome! Ive also got kids ( 4 to be specific) along with me during my guitar journey that i started a few months ago. Im 32. I dont have enough time to play per my passion, but I sure to love having something to dobfor myself after they are sleeping.

I wish you endless hours of fun and learning.

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Hello Valérian and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you have managed to find some time for yourself.

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Wow 4 ! You’re a super hero ! Already 1 is a huge change I can’t even imagine how it’s like to raise four kids :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re still finding time for yourself !

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Hi Val:

Welcome to the community. Justin’s methods are a recipe for success. Just follow his course step by step and you will sound like a pro in no time. I suggest to do self-tape (record yourself on your phone) to see your own progress. Practice is key and don’t be afraid to explore. Good luck!! …and your English is better than my French or Dutch is :slight_smile:

Jeff from California

Hello Val, a very warm welcome to the community.
Good luck with your learning, if you’re struggling with anything just ask.
Enjoy it.

From my experience, the first one brings the fundamental change. It doesn‘t become easier with more children, but you have already settled in your parent-role :wink:. And, of course, the joy grows with every child (while the time for playing guitar melts away :sweat_smile:).