Hey you - cartoon


awww… come on :laughing: :laughing:

Charlie looks better dead, than Keith alive :wink:

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Brian. We’re is your soul? :rofl:
and for anyone interested, the targeted reply still doesn’t work. @Socio @roger_holland :joy::joy:

Gotta wonder what’s in the IV ?

Gordon - I think targeted reply works as Toby said on the other thread.
The target doesn’t show on your reply to Brian because it’s directly below his post and so is an answer to him.

Hit the grey reply arrow on Brian’s post again and the target should show.

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Yeah, if only we knew what 'SCOTCH ’ spells :rofl:



I’ll show my age now. Back in 1978 when Scotland were at the World Cup finals in Argentina, their manager was Ally MacLeod. The joke at the time was a sheep sitting on a cloud. What Stones song does that conjure up? Hey hey ewe get off of my cloud.
Not that funny but it’s brought back memories for me. :smiley:
Thank you @tony @brianlarsen @burnsrhythm
Yes I’ve had to @you as the targeted reply refuses to work. :woozy_face::rofl:

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Ha ha! :rofl:

Too much ‘SCOTCH’ usually spells slurring words or wurring slurds and people who can’t sing having a really good time….singing! :tumbler_glass::partying_face: