Heyy, Isa from Germany

Hello everyone, how are you doing?
I´m Isabelle, 18 years old and I started playing the guitar about 3months ago (Although with lots of interruptions).
I got into the guitar after going to my first live concert and just falling in love with the instrument. After initially learning the basics on my grandmas old acoustic guitar I decided to get a electric guitar for Christmas. I am currently playing and learning on both the acoustic and the electric guitar.
I am struggling a bit because I have pretty small hands but enjoying every second of it!
Hopefully I will be able to play some campfire songs for summer coming up!:smiley:


Welcome to the forum Isabelle!:grin:

Welcome to the community, I’m doing very well, thanks. Guitar playing is heaps of fun and my goal when learning was to learn songs people would sing along to around a campfire. Such fun. Keep at it!!! Good to see someone from Germany posting, I’m of German heritage, I was conceived in Germany and born in America after my parents migrated so they called me the family Volkswagen because I was made in Germany and shipped to America.

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Hi Isabelle and welcome.

Good to see you have one of each. When I was going through the old beginners course, I decided to learn all the new stuff on the electric, as it was slightly easy but then consolidate the skills and techniques on the acoustic. The acoustic was naturally lagging behind a little but it did mean spending a little longer on the techniques to really get them ingrained but while learning new material. And but it got the finger tips into shape quickly.

Enjoy your journey.



Where abouts in Germany is your Family from if I may ask? :grin:

Yeah I´m really trying to spend the same time on both of them but I am just really enjoying the electric guitar although a lot of the more country songs sound kind of funky on it hahaha

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Thank you!

Hallo Isa, :heart:lich wikommen!
Hab’ eine Tochter in Berlin :smiley:

I was made in Beirut an born in Dublin
Did you start a ‘thing’? :rofl:


My mother was born in Silesia and dad in Prussia, they lived in East Germany before the war and along the Reine in West Germany after the war, I have relatives near Munich, Bonn and other places I cannot remember.

Welcome to the Community, Isabelle. Take your time, follow the course, and you will entertain around the camp-fire.

How long that will take really depends on the time you invest in the learning and practice, and naturally how quickly you master skills along the way. I’d just say, enjoy every moment and lay good foundations without rushing.

Guitar and music is a life-long adventure, learning never ends, and I see you have many more decades ahead of you than many of us here :grin:

Hello Isabella and welcome. :slight_smile:

Stick with Justin’s course and you’ll be singing those campfire songs before you know it.

Welcome Isabelle, Keep following Justin’s course and you will be very happy.
Even with small or big hands if one stays with the practice the skill will come.
Just take your time and keep at it. This is a great place to learn new things.
Play On!

Hello Isabelle, a very warm welcome to the community. Songs by summer is a good aim to have so go for it and ask if you need any extra help/