Hi again - Jaime from Spain living in from Malta

Greetings everyone

My name is Jaime, and I’m from Spain, but I’ve been working and living in Malta for a few years already. I started using Justin Guitar back in September 2019, and the “again” in the topic title is because I already did my presentation in the older forum (in that topic where most people filled up a form), but I only wrote a pair of posts afterwards (though one of them was a long one that got me several vibes).

I’m now planning to start a log where I’ll include the most relevant stuff from my old forum posts, give details about my gear and my progress… and maybe I’ll even start recording myself and posting it here for some feedback.

See you!


Bienvenidos! I look forward to reading your log. See you around the forum! Blessings.

Welcome back James

Glad to see you back again, Jaime, and look forward to reading the Log.

Hello and welcome Jamie. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Jaime, good to see you found our new home. Look forward to hearing more about your journey.

Greetings right back at you Jaime! Looking forward to hearing more from you :+1:

Hi Jamie, good decision to give the community another go. Looking forward to read your old/new log.

Hello Jaime and another warm welcome to the JG Community.
:slight_smile: Richard