Hi all - Aaron from UK

Hi all I am Aaron from UK started beginning of lock down lasted about 4 weeks then stopped so back again to give it another go!

I live in Buckinghamshire so would love to meet up with others for help :smiley:


Welcome to the community. Look forward to hearing more from you. If you can make practice part of your daily routine, that helps. I started with 15 minutes a day, every day. Couldn’t play at the start for more than 5 minutes because the steel strings hurt so I did it 3 times a day until they toughened up.


Welcome to the Community, Aaron. I think it may be true to say the hardest time in learning is those first few weeks … the finger and muscle pain, the sense of clumsiness, the struggle. But persevere and in due course you will get through that. Thereafter it will always be challenging to learn the next new thing, but as you do you can delight in making music with what you already know. And Justin will show you how to play songs with just the first two chords you learn.

Keep on keeping on!


Hello @Radiantpaper welcome to the Community.

Cheers :smiley:
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Hi Aaron, welcome! So far you are doing two things right: 1) starting from the beginning with Justin’s proven lessons, and 2) joining this great Community! It is a winning formula for anyone with the persistence to stick with it and commit to regular practice. Anytime you need a boost or have doubts or questions, drop by the Community and you’ll get all the support you could ever ask for.


Hello Aaron and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Smaller


It may be worth seeing what music clubs there are in your area. I was fortunate there was a good one within driving distance when I started, sure made a big difference.

Hello @Radiantpaper !

Belated welcome to you! Hope things are going well with you and that Justin has been able to help you :blush: