Hi all, Alan from uk

Loving the Justin community, web site, lessons, songs. I never touched a guitar until I retired at 60, found Justin’s web site and the rest is history. I’m in it for a hobby not for performing, but I play everyday, mixing up lessons with new and old songs, and it’s helped no end with my mental state, especially during the lockdown periods. I’m upto playing 130 songs of all different types, but mainly Beatles and other 60’s covers. 8 years on and I’m loving the experience, long may it last, my only regret is I didn’t start earlier!!! However looking back I reckon I just didn’t have the time due to work and family commitments. Great to read other fellow experiences too👍


Welcome to the community Alan. I’m glad you found solace through the guitar during lockdown. Its amazing what music can do for your mental health. I’d love to hear you play some of those beatle songs, I’m a big beatles fan. You should check out the AVOYP section of the community.

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Welcome Alan. It sounds like you have a lot of experience to offer our group. No worries about starting earlier. I feel the same, but all we have is today. I’ve been at it this time for abs year and a half and getting better each day. I would love to see a video post once your comfortable. Who can argue with the Beatles and the doors. Great music. Glad to have you and very thankful to Justin guitar. I was hopeless before this opportunity.

Jeff from California

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Welcome to the community Alan, 130 songs is impressed, good on you! Yeah, I started when I was 53 some 10 years ago and now wish I’d started earlier as well. Can’t change that so I just enjoy where it’s taking me. Fun fun fun

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Thanks for the welcome and encouraging comments👍

Great to have you join in with the Community, Alan. Never too late as you say and a wonderful hobby.

Your username takes me back a bit to my youth :grin:

As others said, would be great to see and hear you play. A simple video made with a mobile phone, uploaded to YT and marked as Unlisted, is all it takes to share in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

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Hello and welcome to the community Alan. :slight_smile:

130, that is impressive.

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Hi Alan, welcome the community. Great effort and great reward to have those 130 songs in your repertoire. Last December I bought a Justin Guitar/Hal Leonard songbook and I do not think I am going to have those 101 songs covered any time soon.

Thanks Andres. My biggest challenge is to perform in front of a crowd, I currently play for a hobby but would love to expand my horizons!! Maybe one day :guitar::+1:

Hi Alan, a very warm welcome to the commnity.

Alan - I think I love you!
:hugs: :kissing_heart: