Hi all, Chicken checking in from South Africa

Hi all! I’ve been working through the lessons since last year, but only up to Beginner level 2. But it’s fun! Figured I’d get try to get more active on the forum side to see if I can pick up tips or get feedback. Currently working on powerchords, the fingerstyle Happy Birthday, and Wish You Were Here solo.



Welcome @ChickenMartin :rooster:

I have been playing a year and just started grade 3. I think I have been working on that WYWH solo for about 10 years during this past year🤦🏼‍♂️ And I am at a point where it is passable on a good day, albeit slow.

Keep at it! It is fun and has some good skill to get down.

I also found Happy Birthday a lot harder than I thought. Got it pretty ok except the real timing and promptly forgot it again. I should go back to it.

Hi Kelly, my advice is to keep practicing and learning songs, after all that’s what you wanted to learn to play for :+1:

Welcome to the Community, Kelly.

Now there are 3 South Africans here. I’m in Edenvale Barend is down in the Western Cape but not a regular visitor

Have fun and look forward to hearing you play

Welcome to the community Kelly

Hello and a very warm welcome to the community Kelly. :slight_smile: Take a look around to familiarise yourself and ask if you’re not sure of anything.

Hello, ChickenMartin! There are a number of us on this forum on the same pathway. I am at the end of Beginner Level 2 just starting the consolidation.
Hope we will cross paths on occasion. The AVoYP section is a good place to put your work out there. You will get good positive feedback that is helpful.

Heck yeah, that’s the plan! Slowly making progress, but having fun!

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Both are deceptively simple sounding! The WYWH solo has a ton of mini-skills built in, so it’s teaching me a lot-so much packed into ~30 secs of playing, it’s amazing.

Happy birthday is always good to have in the rotation, I’m sure it will be much easier to remember than it was to learn the first time (hoping so anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

Cool to see a few South Africans here! I’m planning to post something by the end of the month. I’ve been making excuses, but it’s the best way to improve so going to bite the bullet and do it!

Thanks! Glad to hear you’re making progress, gives me hope that it can be done!

The AVoYP is on my list of New Year’s resolutions :grin:

Hello Kelly and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m just coming towards the end of beginner level two as well.

Hi Kelly

Just had to check out who the Chicken was !! Have to ask why ?
And there is no “only”. You are where you are and before you know it, you’ll be way down the street. Just have fun while travelling.



I’m about 10 months in, just at the end almost of Grade 2. I found happy birthday surprisingly difficult, considering how short and simple it is. A friend had a birthday last week so I recorded it to send to her. Embarrassed to say how many times I had to play it through to get a perfect version.

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Hey Kelly good to have you here. No need to be a chicken in this friendly, encouraging community of people who understand. I think there are a few of us who have a little bit of :hatched_chick: in us.