Hi all, Milifax navigating to the new forum

Hi all, Milifax here and found my way to the new forum.
I started Justins course April 2021 at what was then the end of the pandemic (what did I/we know that time…). Living in the Netherlands with my 2 daughters and wife.

I’m impressed with the way Justin teaches.
And sure am impressed with all the changes happening to the site/app and now the forum these last months. Absolutely love it (at least 95% of it) and makes me even more hungry to happily work my way through the courses.

Transferred somehow my road case to this new community. Was an easy task as my road case only started in May last year.

Looking forward to read all nice posts around here.

BR Milifax

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Welcome aboard!

Glad to see you made it over.

Great new Community site here. Much more functionality, and alot more bells and whistles.

See you around the community :smiley:

Cheers, Shane.

And they keep coming !

Good to see you Milifax, as Shane says lots of new features but lots of familiarity, Take a look around and shout up for assistance if required.



Glad to see you here, Milifax, keep on keeping on!