Hi all - Paul from the UK

Hi all, I’m Paul. I’ve been playing guitar for many years (30+? eek!) but only really strumming chords for folk groups at church. So I’m pretty OK with following chords off a lead sheet (and a little bit of finger style), but that’s about it.

I’ve known about this site and watched Justin’s videos for ages now, but always just watched - there never seemed to be enough time to actually practice. But I’ve now retired, and I want to start taking some of the other areas of my guitar playing seriously. So I’ve picked up my old electric guitar and I’m hoping to get into scales, soloing and basically expanding my horizons a bit!

It’s a struggle to know where to begin - a lot of the lessons are a mix of stuff I’ve known for years, and stuff I’ve never even touched, so I find myself feeling like I’m relatively advanced one moment, and then a raw beginner 5 minutes later… But it’s fun picking up the new stuff, and Justin’s videos are a huge help, so that’s cool.

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll have a bit more to share, but for now, that’s me :slight_smile:


Welcome Paul, if you’re not consolidating just start digging at a topic that grabs your attention.

You can always search for anything you’re ‘missing’.


Welcome to the community Paul,

The lesson map may be useful for you to navigate the site and lessons.


Welcome Paul, good to meet you. Sounds like you’ve got some fantastic experience and history, it’ll be great to hear how you get along, no shortage of choice of areas for you to dive into I think!


Welcome to the forum Paul


Hello Paul, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.
Wow, 30+ years of experience - that’s quite a lot.

I think, it might help having a closer look at the course topics even of the very first grades, to make sure, that you don’t miss something important/essential.
Socio has already mentioned the lesson map. A very helpful tool for sure :slightly_smiling_face:.

I wish you a wonderful journey with your six-string-friend :smiley:.


Welcome to the community, Paul! It’s always cool the range of people that end up here. Some complete beginners, and some, like you, who have a lot of experience but are looking to fill in gaps in their playing.

One thing you might consider, if you’ve set up a regular justinguitar.com login, is to use his My Practice Assistant. It takes a little while to get the hang of how it works and how it’s set up (at least it did for me). I highly recommend going through this video while you follow along in it to get a feel for it:

Anyway, what I wanted to say in reference to that, is that with MPA you can create your own customized practice routines. You mentioned that in a lot of the (especially earlier lessons, presumably) you’ve known about the stuff for years. So what you might consider is starting by adding in his various module-specific practice routines (you can add each to the MPA with a single click) as a base, and then customize them by removing and picking/choosing practice items from different module routines as needed to create routines tailored for you that help you to practice exactly what you need to. That might be a great place to start and progress with the things you are lacking in!

And please don’t hesitate to reach out for any help you need!


welcome Paul. You could just start Justins course from the very beginning, some bits you will be ok with others maybe not, just concentrate of the latter. It should not take too long to go through it in order rather than dipping in and out, that way you won’t miss anything.


Hey and welcome to the group Paul!
30y is a lot of experience! As to where to start, why not from the beginning? You’ll probably waltz through most of the first modules but might still pick up some interesting bits :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Paul
Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Community Paul! I also started and gave it up in my teens. Also a bit of a struggle to correct all the wrong pre-knowledge but with Justin’s Lessons I made it and now I’m very happy with my guitar! Good luck!


lol yeah, I have a feeling I will have some bad habits I’m going to need to correct as I go along. Not looking forward to that :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Paul, a very warm welcome to the community.
You’ve had good advice and direction so far.
Iron out bad habits, firm up good ones, consolidate your skllls to extend them.
What style of electric lead do you fancy learning?

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Hi Richard. Thanks for the comments. As far as music is concerned, I’m interested in the “cleaner” guitar sounds, artists like Genesis, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd, maybe getting to some of the Bowie stuff. I like the sound of some of the 50’s and early 60’s artists like the Shadows, even though the music I like is more 70’s and 80’s. I’m not really interested in the heavily overdriven metal or heavy rock styles (I love the music, but I don’t have any real interest in playing it), which is what I tend to find a lot of electric guitar channels focus on :slightly_frowning_face:

Hmm, I’d not really tried to write down my preference like this before now - that’s really useful just writing it out like that!


Hello Paul and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

You’ll be shredding those solos before you know it.

Great avatar!