Hi all, Terry from Buckinghamshire UK

Hi, I had a couple of goes at playing back when I was a teenager but did not make much progress. I had an acoustic guitar but the action on it was really high which made it difficult for a beginner, plus there were all of the usual distractions that teen age boys face.
Fast forward a few years, marriage, mortgage and four children and now finally retired (I am now 71) my wife suggested that since I have always been interested music that I should take up guitar as a hobby.
Since I am left handed and after weighing up the pro’s and cons I purchased a left handed instrument.
I initially used the web to find warm up exercises and chord charts etc and then found Justin’s excellent web site. So now I have more time on my hands and what better way than learning to play guitar. :smiley:


Hey Terry welcome! Good job finding Justin, the lessons are great enjoy the playing!

Hey Terry, welcome to the community. Since I retired I have lots more time to spend on the guitar. Fun fun fun

Hi Terry and welcome to the community.
You’ve found a wonderful teacher in Justin, if you stick with it through all the frustrations that come with learning the guitar I’m sure you will be richly rewarded.

A big welcome Terry. Best place around for learning guitar. Wonderful supportive community here too mate, all helpin each other out. Enjoy and lookin forward to your progress.

Cheers, Shane.

Welcome Terry,

I’m in Berkshire, so not a million miles away.

(Although I’m mostly working several thousand miles away at the moment).



Welcome, Terry! So glad you’re here. I didn’t realize there was a such thing as a guitar especially made for the left-handed. Too neat! Is your guitar acoustic, acoustic-electric, or electric? I look forward to seeing you around the forum here. Blessings!

Welcome to the Community, Terry. Never too old to rock n roll. Have fun

Hello and welcome to the community Terry. :slight_smile:

Great to hear that after life’s delays you’ve got yourself a guitar.

Good stuff Terry, welcome along! Surrey based player of about 18 months now, Justin will see you right that’s for sure, all you need to do is add a bit of time and passion :wink:

Looking forward to hearing your progress and success! - Mark.

Welcome Terry, never too old to rock and roll.

Welcome Terry. You are like a lot of others, taking up guitar later in life. At least now you have time.

Hi Terry,
I have a similar story, originally from Portsmouth in Hants but now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I picked up the guitar for the first time at age 65. I did try a couple of other sites, like Guitar Tricks and Tony’s Acoustic challenge which were good. But not really for me. After a couple of years I found Justin guitar which suits me better. I am now 70 and have finished the first couple of modules of the intermediate stage. I don’t think that starting earlier would of worked for me. There was always other distractions. But being retired I have the time and the patience to keep going and am able practice every day. The one thing that I have found that really helps me is having my guitars in the same room I am in for most of the time. I can’t resist picking one up to play.
Happy playing

Also forgot to mention I’m a lefty too.

Welcome, Terry, nice to have you here in the community. Have a lot of fun!

Let me try this again. Welcome to you Terry from a fellow new old lefty guy who picked up the instrument at age 67. A year later I can finger pick one good song and I’m working on strumming another good song. Probably not a good idea, but I like to get up in the middle of the night, make a pot of coffee, and practice and read the blogs while my wife sleeps peacefully upstairs. Our marriage seems to be actually improving.:nerd_face:

Thanks everyone for your supportive comments, just for info my guitar is electric, its a V6 Re-issued Series by Vintage.

Hi Terry, a warm welcome to the community.
At 71 you are an honorary member of our old dogs kennel club … Older guitar students / Can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?
:slight_smile: Cheers

Hi Terry ,
Welcome , Above all I wish you a lot of fun…

Hi Barrie,
Welcome here, and if you haven’t already …maybe you can open your own welcom topic?..people still look back at it from time to time such a first introduction, and now they probably miss yours … I wish you a lot of fun here and with playing the guitar of course…
Greetings ,Rogier