Hi! Chris here, from Aptos, CA

Hi Justin, Team, and fellow guitar players,

I’m rejoining justinguitar lessons today. I just moved to Aptos (after 27 years in San Jose, CA), and I recently retired from software engineering (40 years). I am free to move music learning and performing way up on my daily list of activities. I’m manifesting playing guitar here at Open Mics here in Santa Cruz County at age 60.

I am truly grateful for Justin, with his encouragement, steady pace in lessons, the breadth and depth of the material, and for those creating and managing the website.

I’m reaching out since I have learned the value of community and support. I regularly cheer people on, but I rarely ask for help, guidance, and support. But here I am doing it now. Please reply and give me your best encouragement for an intermediate guitarist!



Welcome back, Chris! Moving to Aptos, playing guitar…you’ve got a pretty nice retirement lined up. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hello Chris! I think giving yourself the gift of increasing your guitar playing for retirement is great! I’m a few years away from retirement, but playing guitar is one of the activities I want to do plenty of when I do.

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Hi Chris and welcome! I lived in Santa Cruz County my entire life until I moved to Oregon in 2018 so I’m very familiar with Aptos :grin:

Enjoy your guitar journey and I hope you get to play an OM soon!

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Welcome back Chris

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Welcome back. And GO CHRIS!!! You’re already way ahead of me. Module 11, Grade 2) lol

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You can do it, Chris :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome back.

What could be better than having lots of time to play guitar, being located in a sunny place by the ocean? :beach_umbrella:

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Welcome back Chris! Great plan to spend more time with the guitar in your retirement. The community is a great place of communication, support, encouragement and motivation.
Have fun and enjoy your journey!

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Hi Chris,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun and a lot of playing :sunglasses:

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welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome back, Chris :smiley:
Very nice to meet you.
This community is wonderful and supportive. You’re in the right place :smiling_face:
I agree, I’m also very grateful for Justin and the JG & community team.

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Hi Chris, welcome back and welcome to the community forum. Congratulations on retirement and a chance to spend more time learning and playing the guitar. It is a plus that you have moved closer to the ocean. Have fun. I’ll be starting intermediate grade 4 in about 6 months.

Hey Chris, welcome back. I remember visiting Aptos in the 70s, nice place, had a laid back vibe back then. For me the best encouragement is how rewarding the whole guitar playing thing is. I used to be in awe of those who could pick up a guitar and belt out a tune, now it’s something I do every day. For me, the focus has been songs songs songs and you’ll hear others on the forum say the same thing.

Open mics are a great way to develop. They are a friendly and generally encouraging environment. Keep at it! Look forward to hearing more from you.

Hi Chris pleased to meet you I’m Alejandro Alex from MA.


A bit of the opposite here…

Lived in the Santa Cruz area for a really long time…commuted the hill as an EE, moved to OR then to San Jose ( I don’t think I’ll be here for 27 years :laughing:)