Hi! Claudio from UK here

Hey Everyone.

Claudio from Portsmouth here.

I had an acoustic many years ago that I bought with the intention of learning, but never actually got around to learning how to play.

A couple of weeks ago bought my first electric guitar on an impulsive buy kinda thing ( and probably spend way more than I should have on it).

On my first week of Learning and already feel like I’m learning more, than when I tried to learn all those years ago. Maybe because of the Justinguitar platform or maybe because I feel more excited to learn the electric guitar than I felt with the acoustic.


Welcome Claudio. I am also near Portsmouth. All the best with your progression.

Welcome to the community, Claudio :wave: lots of lovely, helpful and supportive people here, have fun learning :v:

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Claudio, welcome to the community. Have fun playing your new electric guitar.

Hello Claudio… Welcome to the community :smiley:

Hi Claudio,
Welcome and
it will definitely be Justin’s approach, which is true for an incredible number of people.
Have fun :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum Claudio

Hello Claudio and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Oh come now, you can’t tell us you’ve just bought a new guitar and then not share a picture. :wink:

Enjoy your time here.

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Welcome Claudio, good luck with your journey.

Welcome, @dredmix !

Thanks Everyone!

@SgtColon Here she is. Fender Japan Strat, custom Final Fantasy collab.


Very nice!

Hi Claudio. Welcome to the Justin Guitar Community. My name is Gagan. Your guitar looks amazing. Are you a gamer?

Very nice, I bet it plays well.

Gorgeous guitar. No wonder you’re excited to learn now with a gorgeous girl like that! Hello from sunny Herefordshire. :sunglasses:

I am indeed.

Been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for a long time. Still play FF XIV regularly.

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Hi Claudio! Doubtless I would be progressing faster and with more eagerness playing an electric guitar instead of the acoustic I have, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case for you as well. There’s just something different about it, isn’t there? Have some good fun with it! :grinning:

ETA: And holy geez, just saw the picture of her! She looks gorgeous! A Final Fantasy collab, too, omg. :heartpulse: I haven’t played FF in ages, but still a fan. You’re so lucky!

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Hi Claudio, welcome. Good you found Justin Guitar; guitar lessons are good and the learning environment he has set up is a fantastic one. If you spent some more money in your game themed guitar than in an equivalent not customized one but it invites you to play then money was well spent.

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Welcome Claudio! Good looking guitar there mate :guitar::+1: Get stuck in to it and have fun! :partying_face::metal::sunglasses:

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Hey Claudio great to have you here! With that guitar you are destined to become a great player! All the best

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