Hi everyone, I'm Niall from Scotland UK


I’m Niall from East Lothian, UK.
I’ve wanted to learn guitar for years but have never had the time, motivation or access to a teacher, or all three until I found JustinGUITAR.
I love Justin’s teaching style and in just 2 weeks I can already make not awful noises. Clearly I have a very long way to go, but I’m excited for the journey.


Hi Niall. Welcome to the Community. You’ll get plenty advice and support from everyone here. It’s time we had more Scots about the place! I look forward to following you along the guitar road.


Hi Niall… Welcome to the community. It’s good to see another Scot on here. Stick to Justin’s course path, and you’ll be belting out some great tunes. I look forward to following your progress. You’ve found a great community that gives excellent advice, support and encouragement.

Hi Niall and welcome to the Community. Good to have you onboard and best of luck with your journey…it’s a great way to learn guitar and the community has lots of opportunities for you to share progress too.

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Welcome to the Community, Niall, enjoy the journey!

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That right there is what it’s all about, right Niall? :grin: Welcome to the Community!

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Now their all coming out of the woodwork !!

Welcome Niall, you make as much noise as you want laddie, I won’t hear you down in Normandie !! :rofl:

Seriously though welcome ! In Justin you have found the right place to learn and develop. There’s even a bunch of Sassenachs who will offer advice when its needed. Good to have you here.



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Hello Niall and welcome. :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard, Niall :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sure there are loads about, Gordon.
(Some just prefer to keep it quiet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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