Hi everyone, I'm Socio, nice to meet you all!

Thanks @LievenDV that’s one of the reasons that I opted to learn Why Does It Always Rain on Me as soon as Justin’s lessons introduced the concept of barre chords.

Thanks @ChasetheDream I enjoyed your interpretation of 3 little birds and look forward to following your journey.

Thanks Gordon, I hope to represent the Scottish well in the community. Listen to the advice given, learn from the experience of others and pass on what I have gained along the way to others.

Thanks Maggie, yes Justin’s material is fantastic. I do love how the books are wire bound and everything is structured to work seamlessly together.

Thanks @CYPGMB, it’s a pleasure to join the community. Hopefully I can add value to the community.

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Hi James good to see you here and an old familiar backstory. Sounds like you are doing ok and that RUST course is a great investment, it will make a world of difference to your rhythm. :sunglasses:

Hi Toby, nice to meet you. Yes, that RUST Course is great. I’ve actually spent this afternoon strumming along with Part 1 :smile: I feel I’ve now got Patterns 1-8 drilled instinctively. So Patterns 9-12 now on my practice schedule to work with the metronome. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone struggling with strumming and rhythm.

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Hello Socio and welcome. :slight_smile:

I bought the RUST course and really do need to make a start on it. So much to learn and not enough time.