Hi Everyone; Skip from Md, USA checking in

The wife and I bought our 8yo a 1/2 sized guitar for Christmas and I kept on goofing around on it. So, I decided to jump on the Justin bandwagon and start some lessons. 2 days in so far and enjoying the heck out of it, especially his learning left-handed videos.


Welcome to the community James.

Welcome to the Community, James, enjoy it.

Welcome James, you sound enthusiastic and ready to roar. How marvellous. :sunglasses:

Hi Skip and welcome to the community and learning guitar.
Follow the structured course laid out by Justin and your ‘goofing’ will soon become ‘rocking’.

Hello James and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

it’s great that the goofing sparked a real interest.

Well its day 3 and I hope you are still having fun. Welcome Skip !! :sunglasses:

Yeah buddy! I’m on day 6 and a couple days into lesson 2, so bringing the E chord into the mix is a fun new challenge.

Day six, excellent! So a shopping trip for that full sized version soon :smiley: (or do you already have one?)

Welcome and enjoy! I’m very new too, just about 3 months learning and loving it!!! You will too, and I’d bet your son enjoys learning with you!

Shopping was a few days ago lol. Full size should be here this weekend. Then I won’t feel like I’m hording my daughter’s Christmas gift.

That’s awesome you’re 3 months in. I’m excited to see where I will be in 3 months.

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Hey James,
I’m your neighbor over in Virginia. You’re going to Love/be Frustrated with your guitar. This course is great. In a few months you’ll have a toolbox that you can rely on, and a few aha moments.
Welcome and have a blast,

:grimacing: I’m sorry, I thought I read ‘son’ somewhere, but re-reading, it was :notes: “just my imagination”

I hope she finds her path in music with you!