Hi Everyone 😃

Yea! I totally agree


Welcome Tuva. Started so young, wish I had. Plenty of years ahead, look forward to following you progress.

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Welcome Tuva!

Seems your following a family tradition becoming a member of this community. :wink:
Have loads of fun learning guitar! Was your age when I picked it up first. :smiley:

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All right!! That would have been epic! :metal::metal::metal:
Been a long time since I’ve seen them (they don’t come to NZ much), but they never disappoint! Legends!

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Hi Tuva,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
I really like to hear more from you like you did :smiley:, I have asked about you more than once through your father (if he kept telling you that…then sorry about that :blush:)

It is so important that young people learn to play a musical instrument, and especially girls on the guitar are seriously underrepresented…cool choice :sunglasses:


Pssst: if you need new guitar gear (of course you want that sooner or later) just let us know and a lot of us here will ask / nag / manipulate your father in the direction you want if he doesn’t give in right away :laughing:

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Thanks you! And i totally agree that more girls should get into guitar its so cool to see another girl play guitar!


Welcome to the Community Tuva. Not much else to add as so much has been said already but great you are into rock and metal. Sounding good for sure. I suspect @tRONd is a really proud dad !!

I should change my mantra “You’re Never Too Old To Rock n Roll” and add “And Not Too Young To Start”. That even fits the Jethro Tull lyrics ! Sorted,


Hello Tuva and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

That is a nice looking guitar your dad bought you and your power chords sound great and I look forward to you posting some of your songs in the future.

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