Hi folks, Viktor's gonna get you wherever you are!

To start with, I am closer to 50 than 45, yet I bought my first ever guitar last December. One day I woke up and felt the irresistible desire to have my own electric guitar. Had never learnt music, never played any instrument before. Never too late to start, is it?

I received my first ever :love_you_gesture:Iron Maiden :love_you_gesture: tape when I was 12, I’ve been their fan ever since, seen them on stage 7 times already, the 8th will be in June (fingers crossed).

I had completed the first two levels on Yousician when I signed up for a local guitar forum in Hungary a couple of days ago where somebody recommended that I try justinguitar.com. Justin, I thought, who the heck he could be? Can’t be Timberlake, can he? Then I checked the site and it was love at first sight.

This is something totally different than I have seen before. Justin is a nice bloke, I like his style and content, I have already completed the first few beginner lessons. I really believe this is a game changer.

My key learnings so far (some did not come from Justin):

  • Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie
  • Big Cats Eat Fast
  • my posture is wrong
  • I hold the pick with 3 fingers whereas I should hold it between the first two :frowning:
  • pinky is a damned finger
  • hate chords

I loved every minute of it!

Greetings to all wannabe rockstars and guitar lovers from Hungary.

:guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:


Welcome to the Community, Viktor, sure you will love the adventure with Justin.

Hello and welcome Viktor. :slight_smile:

Stick with Justin’s course and you will be romping along in no time. You’ll see your own progression and it’s a wonderful thing.

Hi Viktor good to see you here.

I guess as a Maiden fan that Eddie phrase must have jumped out at you. Also a big Iron’s fan but I have been slow to get a copy of the lase album, despite having the full back catalogue. Welcome to the JGC !



Thanks, Toby.

Actually this phrase is not my idea, I first heard it from Marty Music, he is also a very nice guy.

But it is very easy to remember, honestly speaking up until now I have not associated this Eddie with THE Eddie. :slight_smile:

But from now on, THE Eddie will come to my mind whenever I strum the thickest and thinnest string. :slight_smile:


Welcome Viktor, know that you are not the only one close to 50 who has recently begun. I’m not too fast but I’m having fun. You will too.

I started at the age of 53, ten years later I’m so glad I stuck with it. Such fun

Hey Victor, sounds good to me!
Welcome to our community, join in, play guitar and have fun!

Congratulations, and many more years to come with your guitar!