Hi from Amanda in Hertfordshire UK,

Hi from Hertfordshire UK,

Been learning on and off for years but had a long break due to personal reasons and picked it up again once my situation changed.

Found Justin’s site and purchased his songbooks which are great along with his video’s.

Guess I would say I am between beginner and intermediate some stuff I am in one camp and others in the other can do all the basic things like open chords and bar cords in both E and A shape been working on C and D shape along with 2 finger power chords also know my scales across the fret but main problem for me is I seem to be stuck in a rut Justin always says this should be fun so its trying to play songs and some lead and taking it slow working with the metronome to improve timing and rhythm.

Been looking to see if I can find a Jam buddy in the area but I am very Self-consciousness people say this really helps and would get me playing songs and some lead.

Happy to be part off the group and Justin does a fantastic job.



Welcome, Amanda. One of the other things you can do to bust out of the rut is to record yourself playing and share in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing. That gives one some goals to focus on, and you’ll get lots of encouragement and feedback which I find always helps to keep me engaged.

I don’t normally say anything personal, but spend the first nine years of my life in RIckmansworth in Hertfordshire, before parents moved the family to South Africa. Couldn’t resist that when I saw where you are based.

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Hi Amanda,
Can`t wait to see you playing :sunglasses:
I wish you a lot of perseverance and of course a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Thanks David, Roger

Sound advice makes sense just need the courage to do this :flushed:
Shame for me you moved to South Africa, RIckmansworth not to far for a Jam buddy compared to South Africa :rofl:

Hello and welcome to the community Amanda. :slight_smile:

I hope you find a jam buddy as I think it would be a great thing to have. One day I aspire to hopefully stumble across one.

Hi Amanda and welcome.

I’m ex Hertfordshire myself before moving around the country and landing here in Normandie !
Born Stevenage when it was still classes as a New Town but spent most of my youth on the edge of Watford but spent years riding all over the country. Unlike David I only left the UK 11 years ago and new Ricki very well.

Wonderful, to see you have started again and found Justin. Plenty of help here as were all treading the same road, so don’t ever too shy to ask for help or advice. Best of luck in finding a jam buddy, as it well accelerate your learning and elevate playing.



Thanks Guys for your support and encouragement nice to know its not a fire and for get location,
Just my luck been on here less than 4 hours and already found 2 jam buddy’s only problem is they both jammed off into the sunset :rofl:

Thanks for kind words I will try to live up to them :sunglasses:

Forgot to say my new found impetus comes from a friend who stuffed a guitar in my hands and then said to there 2 children Amanda plays guitar as my face went red and mind went blank and I realised I new loads but could play nothing OMG not getting caught like that again!


Good to “meet” you Amanda, if anyone can get you out of a rut it’s Justin and as you say getting songs under your fingers is absolutely where it’s at to get the motivation going again!!

I’m not too far from you, on the Surrey / Berkshire border, and also spent my university life in your neck of the woods. One of my learning log goals for this year is to also find a jam buddy and I’d be happy to have a chat and see if that could work if you’d like, not quite in the “area” but not exactly the other ends of the earth! I’m just getting towards the end of Justin’s grade 2 course to give a little context of my own level.

Either way, wish you all the success on your next guitar steps :slight_smile:

hey amanda, welcome to the community. I was fortunate to find a music club in my area and really got a lot from going to the jams and open mics.

Hi Amanda, welcome to the community.

Hi Amanda,

Another ex-Hertfordshire member here. I grew up in Knebworth and went to school (and later, briefly lived) in Stevenage, before moving to Berkshire, although I’m currently in Singapore.

Welcome to the community, and may your guitar journey be fruitful and fun.



Morning Mark,

Thanks for your warm welcome, yes its songs I need to master now and like you say Justin is a great motivator.
Don’t think Surrey / Berkshire is that far away as lest it’s in the UK :rofl: sounds like your rocking along with Justin’s course we could keep in touch and see how it goes if that’s ok with you as its on both on our lists just the cost of fuel which is now a real pain.
Let me know how your getting on and I will try to do the same hey might see me send a clip online as suggested earlier big step for me never done anything like this lol

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Hi Tony,

Thanks sounds like from the comments and Justin saying this its really a good place to go for moving yourself along.


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Thank you

Hi Keith,

Thank you lol what is it with all the ex Hertfordshire people is there something that you all know that I have not found out yet :joy:
I hope Singapore is nice and you were able to take your guitar :slight_smile:


Hi Amanda, yeah absoltuely let’s see how everything goes and keep in touch. Defintely will look forward to a posting from you, I know it’s a big step to take but trust me you won’t regret it at all with this awesome bunch of reprobates :rofl:

Hi and welcome from a beginner, a bit "jealous"on your skills like open chords and bar cords in both E and A shape… but learning a bit every day.
I hope you find a jam buddy soon.
All the best

Thanks Mark,

Working on getting something sorted and taking a big breath to post something in the future :crossed_fingers:
As they say we are our own worst critic.
keep me posted also on how your getting on :+1:



Hi Richy,

Thank you very much we all learn at different speeds and levels so please don’t be jealous I have been struggling for ages to put what i know to good use and do what the guitar is meant for and play music my timing and rhythm need a lot of work.
Look forward to seeing you post something stay positive and and enjoy everything.



Could not agree more that we’re our own worst critic!! You’ll be great :+1: