Hi from an old dog

Hi, Vinnie here, just shy of 61 and picked up a guitar for the first time three weeks ago.

Joined JG the same day.

Soon realised that I had bananas for fingers and that the guitar was probably not for me.

Three weeks later I’m managing 24 changes on the 1-minute challenge and torturing ‘The Boys Round Here’ by Blake Shelton on a regular basis and loving it.

Don’t think Mr. Springsteen needs to be looking over his shoulder just yet though.

Long time lover of music, I have a broad taste in music, as long as its good and performed by someone who is actually talented.

I particularly like bluesy country/blues/classic rock.

Thanks for taking the time to read this waffle.

And yes, I do believe you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Welcome to the forum Vinnie

Welcome, and you’re a youngster compared to a lot of us on here. I started with Justin when I was 67, and here I am at 74 still plugging away. I just finished an hour and a half of playing. Your taste in music is much the same as mine, and I throw in a little bluegrass.

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Welcome Vinnie. Good luck on your guitar journey and I wish you a lot of fun along the way :+1:

Hey Vinnie,

Welcome to community. Plenty of ‘old’ farts here mate. Stick close to Justin’s lessons, join in, and reach out any time. It’s a great community.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Vinnie - as long as you’re having fun, then you’re doing just as well as Mr Springsteen.

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Hi Vinnie,
Welcome here and I wish you a long time of fun here :sunglasses:

Hey Vinnie, good to see you here, looking forward to seeing you’re progress and hearing you bash out a few tunes :+1:

Be careful what you wish for Craig. I have a tendency to ‘Sing Along’ :flushed: when I bash the strings, you really don’t want to hear that.
I was blessed with a voice similar to a donkey with a bad hernia.

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Welcome and good luck!

Have you always wanted to play guitar and finally dared too?

Singing along very much encouraged, it’s taking me a while to get used to the sound of my own voice, although me wife seems to think I love the sound of my own voice :scream: :rofl:


Have always had a great love of music. Was told by my music teacher many years ago to stop singing during class as my voice was so bad :-1:. Always believed that I had no ability whatsoever musically, so have always looked on with envy from the sidelines. Got to sixty and all of a sudden a f##k you attitude appeared and here I am really enjoying myself.


Hello Vinnie…welcome to this wonderful Community of Guitar Enthusiasts…enjoy your journey and I’m sure you’ll learn more tricks you actually suspect you can! I wish you a lot of fun in your practice and playing :blush:

:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::zipper_mouth_face: he/she doesn’t deserve to be called “Teacher”

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You think you’re old? I’m 78 and just started a year ago. Sounds like you and I have about the same musical interests. I’m determined to get this guitar thing down reasonable well.

Hey Vinnie, welcome to the forum. That’s really awesome progress. The 1 minute changes sure helped me heaps and now 10 years later at the age of 65, I still use them when I come across a new chord or chord sequence that slows me down.

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I’m seven years in and I still use them almost every day as part of my warmup.

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So cool Vincent! Love it!
Welcome too the forum by the way :grin:

Hi Vincent :exclamation: Welcome in the community. A bunch of kind people with a same passion for the guitar and for music. Welcome and enjoy :exclamation:


You’ll pleased to know you are not along, many aging pup frequent these pages. You can catch up with them here.

Welcome to the pound !


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