Hi from Andrew in Dorset, UK

I just turned 68 and am a guitar beginner for the third time! My Dad got me a guitar when I was nine and I tried to learn from a book by Bert Weedon, but apart from learning a few chords I didn’t get far. I had another go in my late teens when I lived in Cornwall and had some lessons from a folk singer called John the Fish, which got me quite a lot further but then uni, marriage, work, kids etc took over. Then last year, shortly after I retired, I was offered the use of an instrument by a friend so I had a look at what tuition was available online, found Justin Guitar and started over. I wasn’t finding the loaned guitar very easy to play, so after four months I took the plunge and bought a Martin D-X1E electro-acoustic, which is a joy to play and sounds great. I’m now 7 months in and just starting Grade 2. My main problem (apart from lack of musical talent!) is not getting enough practice time – I live in a shared house and try to fit in my playing when it’s not going to annoy or disturb anyone, so sometimes I only get to practice once or twice a week. Hopefully that will become less of an issue as my playing improves!


Andrew @avmcleod
First of all welcome to the community.
Your story sounds so familiar and a bit like mine and you are about at the same stage in the journey.
So buckle up and enjoy the ride :+1:
Michael :grinning:

Hi Andrew, welcome. As far as you can have a few regular practice sessions during the week you’ll have progress. It won’t be as fast as if you could put some more hours but I guess you are not in a rush. Have fun.

Hi Andrew! I had a similar path, only I’m just 65. Took lessons when I was 7, then started with JustinGuitar 3 years ago. I used to worry I wasn’t progressing fast enough, then decided it was a journey and not a race. So much more fun now!

Hey Andrew, welcome to the community, great to meet you. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Hi Andrew,
Welcome to the forum.
Playing once or twice a week, for a beginner, imho, is not enough.
Playing once or twice a day, is more like it.
But that is just me.
Keep on playing!!!

Another older player (64) here. I bought up my guitar during Covid and have been playing for about 2.5 years now. Welcome!



Hi Andrew

Welcome to the journey. Your fellow housemates will soon begin to love the sweet sounds you’ll make so keep going. In the interim, find a nice space and play/practice every day


Hi Andrew,
Welcome and I wish you a long learning curve and a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hi Andrew and a warm welcome to the community.
Mention of the Bert Weedon book has put me in mind of this old comedy sketch (I couldn’t find a better quality upload): Mark Knopfler, Lemmy Kilmister, David Gilmour o Gary Moore JUNTOS - YouTube
It sounds like your plans for a musical retirement are shaping up nicely.
:slight_smile: Enjoy and ask if you need any help.


Welcome Andrew! 67 myself and on my umpteenth try and making progress this time. Get a tablet and download some of the lessons go to a secluded park and practice. I have a friend in town that goes to the cemetery to practice because they have free wifi in range. He said no one was complaining…… Improvise, adapt and overcome.


Thanks for the link, really funny! I very much enjoy the music of both Mark Knopfler and Ralph McTell and look forward to having a go at some of their songs. Once I’ve got the basics, I think fingerstyle is where I want to be. There’s an album called “Neck and Neck” by Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins (another long-time favourite guitarist) where they just seem to be having fun jamming together, I’d really enjoy being able to play along with some of those tracks.

Welcome Andrew, wishing you a lot of fun, sounds like you’re well on your way in Grade 2, so much to learn but plenty of smiles to be had!

Thanks Rene and everyone for the the warm welcome and helpful comments. Yeah, I really need to sort out the practice schedule somehow. There’s been a few occasions when I’ve had the house largely to myself for a week, when I made sure I practiced a couple of times a day and made really good progress.

Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing your story. Having only just started my journey at 49 years old, I recognise your struggle. I find that practising on an unplugged electric guitar does wonders for the amount of practice noise my family can handle. Would that work for you?



Welcome Andrew! Good luck with your journey and I hope you find the opportunity to sneak in plenty of practice :wave::smiley:

This is brilliant, Richard! How’d they get them all for that skit??! Thanks for sharing! :sunglasses::+1:

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Hey andrew, I think guitar is a beautiful instrument although I’ve only been playing since summer 2022. I know how to play 7 different chords and am every willing to learn as much as I can on this instrument. I found my brother’s old guitar in my garage and decided to try it, but couldn’t find a good app until one of my guitar loving neighbors suggested Justin to me and I kept at it since then.
I recently opened a new lesson and finished it all and set up the items for my new routine, only to realize I skipped the lesson before that oop :confused:
Anyway let’s all have a blast learning and getting better at guitar, and appreciate all that Justin is doing for us. Enjoy your guitar learning journey and remember: practice makes permanent, not perfect :DDD

Hello and welcome to our community Andrew. :slight_smile:

Surely you can rope your housemates in to maybe do some singing? Enjoy you guitar adventure.

Happy memories! My Dad tried to teach me when I was about 14 with his old guitar and the Bert Weedon book. I think I still have the book somewhere, but the guitar met with a nasty end when my brother left it propped up against a radiator. So my guitar career was cruelly ended before it even began.
Have you thought of getting an electric guitar and using an amp with headphones? That way you won’t annoy your house mates. There is even the Yamaha Silent guitar (I don’t know if they are any good though)??? I’ve got an electric and often practice with headphones to keep family happy.