Hi from Arizona!

Hey, I’m Dan. I’m retired and recently bought a house in Arizona after spending 4 years traveling full time in our motorhome. Before that, we lived in Nevada and I played guitar for a few years. Nothing serious, no lessons. Mostly learning to play songs with tabs with very little theory or basic foundations and sporadic practice. I even learned, mostly anyway, to play a few songs using Justin’s videos.

But now, I want to start over with the basics, theory, good foundation and regular practice, etc. so I began going through Justin’s courses. Some of it’s easy or comes quickly. Some, not so much, like I remember the open chords but making my fingers obey is another matter. Goals are to be able to play songs (maybe by ear), improvise riffs and solos, play chords and strum (something I never learned before) and generally use the guitar creatively instead of just mimicking songs.

BTW, I play a Yamaha Pacifica 112 and prefer rock, metal and blues. And thanks in advance for the help and encouragement.


Hey Dan, welcome to the community. A bit of parallel lives, I retired in 2019 and am traveling around Australia in our RV doing what’s locally called “The big lap”. Started playing guitar 10 years ago and it’s been a hoot having it along on the road.

Keep at it, the guitar journey is all about fun and creativity


Welcome to the Community, Dan. Follow the lessons of grades 1 and 2 and beyond, you’ll achieve your goals in time. Enjoy the adventure.

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I didn’t take my guitars on the road. Unfortunately in a fit of extreme downsizing I sold my Mexican Strat and my scalloped top Ibanez for pennies on the dollar. I really wish I had that Strat back.


Hello and welcome to the community Dan. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh the joys of regrets. Maybe time to start saving?

Nice looking guitar by the way.

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Hello Dan, a very warm welcome to the Community. Going back to basics and working through to fill in gaps and consolidate your fundamental skills is exactly the right approach. Good stuff. :slight_smile: You will find lots of help and encouragement here.

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Welcome Dan, sounds like you have a plan, look forward to following your journey,

Welcome Dan!

Wow. You’ve lived my girlfriends dream :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s a very nice goal well expressed. :clap::clap:

Have a great time in your journey. :metal::guitar:

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Welcome @danmcmartin

Looking forward to see you rip that Pacifica!!

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It was fun living full time but it’s hard sometimes. COVID was the nail in the coffin but some other stuff was causing issues (illness in the family being primary). Still, don’t regret a minute of it.

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Time for a new adventure then Dan, stick in and you can tell your tales through your guitar, maybe…….

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