Hi from Armando

Hi all,

my name is Armando and I have been on and off following this guitar course which I started 2 years ago.

I currently own two guitars, one with 6 and one with 7 strings, and I am learning what I cab with the time I have at disposal. I still consider myself a beginner.

Other than guitar, I am a software engineer and I like to train climbing and calisthenics.




I’m one year in but have recently tried to be active in the community. My thoughts were it would keep me accountable. Happy learning!

Welcome to the new community Armando.

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Welcome to the community Armando. :slight_smile:

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Hi Armando good to see you here. Have a look around and check out the lie of the land !
Holler if you need any help getting around.



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Thanks all :slight_smile: so far so good, I think this new community system is a lot more easy to follow than the previous one!

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Hey mate. Welcome to the community. Looking forward to to see your progress.

same here. I tried to contribute to the comment section in the lectures but that has been always a bit of a side community I never fully felt part of :slight_smile:

Hello Armando warm welcome amd hope you get yourself cosy with the Community as new platform is quite friendly and people here are awesome and most of us migrated from the old forum. See ya!

Welcome, Armando!

Another software engineer, here. No climbing, though: I’m more of a trail running and cycling guy.

Hi Armando, warm welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Warm welcome, Armando.

Impressed by your aspirations … I struggle enough with 6 strings, not sure when I’ll be ready to add a 7th string :joy:

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keeping active is what counts :slight_smile: after all with the of work it is really important to compensate. What kind of software engineering are you doing?

ahahahah fair enough :slight_smile: to some extent it is not feeling that different (meaning you have to deal with one more string so all applies like learning the notes, strumming accurately). I am though aiming at learning a bit of Korn songs so that is why I got one :smiley:

Mobile apps (native iOS and Android) for dictation/transcription/documentation in the medical, legal, insurance, and law enforcement markets. Also web-based stuff (JS/React, mostly) and .NET stuff (Blazor, recently) for the same markets. So full-stack, plus mobile. Lots of audio.

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