Hi from Athens Greece

Hi all,

this is Alex from Athens, Greece, good to meet you all!


Hi Alex, welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy it here.

Hello Alex and welcome to the community.

Hi Alex, welcome to the community :smiley:

Hi Alex, thanks for introducing yourself! We’d love to hear a little more about you. What brings you here? How long have you been playing? What kind of guitar do you play? What kind of guitar do you want to play? What kind of music do you like? You know, that kind of thing! :grinning:

All kidding aside, if you want to learn to play guitar then there is no better teacher than Justin, and there is no more welcoming and supportive group of people to hang out with than this community, so welcome!

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Hi Dave!

well, I’m self taught in guitar and I have learned songs on the justinguitar youtube site before, so it made sense to check the community here also.
I have been playing for around 15 years since when I was 25.
The guitar I play is a Martin 000-18.
Regarding music, I listen to blues and rock mainly but I like other genres as well.

If I summarized it, I’d say three musicians influence my playing
Lonnie Johnson
Mississippi John Hurt
The Beatles (all of them :slight_smile: )


Hello Alex and welcome to the Community.

It will be good to hear what you have learnt over those 15 years. I tried teaching myself for a similar period and got no where ! Are you using using Justin lesson to improve your playing or brush up things you may have missed. Be interested in your learning approach.

Lots of helpful people here, immerse yourself. :smiley:



Hi Toby,

I like checking out Justin’s videos, whenever I want to find how to play a famous song, and they are quite helpful and clear in instructions.

Regarding my approach, In practice I play music to have fun, and to do that it seems to me that:

Time is relative when you play music

What you imagine in your head, is not exactly what happens in reality when you are playing music, what happens in reality when you are playing music, is exactly something else and you feel how that feels to you in reality, in connection with what you imagine at the moment.

  1. When you pause, music just pauses, when you stop, music stops.

If while you are playing music, you start doing something else in your imagination, music can not keep playing for long without you focusing your imagination on music. When you pause, you are still focused on listening and on feeling how music feels in the moment.

  1. You need to feel it baby, and you need to feel it good.

How you try to affect yourself while you are playing , with what you are imagining, affects the music. Fear is natural, when playing music. If you are afraid less than you have to, you don’t really care to play music in the moment, and don’t let reality teach you, when you are really not focused. And if you are afraid more than you have to, you don’t really care for experiencing music in the moment, you choose to be afraid.

well…at least this is what seems to be happening to me :smile:


Hello Alex and welcome :slight_smile: