Hi from Chris, UK

Hi All,

I’m Chris from Hertfordshire in the UK.

I picked up a guitar again in 2019 after a long break, but it was never very serious then. I discovered Justins videos and then started working my way through the old beginners course. I managed to be reasonably dedicated and “finished” the course not a huge amount of time before the new system started became available. This was a bit of bad timing and I ended up deciding to re-start the new Grade 1 which I am in the middle of module 6 at the moment.

I’ve not been as dedicated as I would like and have taken huge gaps between visits, and practice :grimacing:, so progress is not amazing. I’ve decided I want to progress more so am starting to figure out what needs to change to accomplish this.

One big issue is learning songs, I struggle to learn them and often “wander off” mentally when trying.

The other is I need to have a better pre set setup so I can grab and go. Whilst I always have a guitar to hand, I don’t have an amp or my other gear out due to space limits. I have a Vox Amplug but then I end up with wires everywhere so I can listen to the video as well.

I really need to play plugged in more, I hear a lot of bad habbits I’ve developed with things like extra strings ringing or sloppy movements.

I am sure all of this is fixable though.




Hi Chris and welcome (back) :smiley:

I started too old to be able to afford to take any gaps and still learn the basics, but the community is full of them :rofl:
Tbh I wouldn’t worry about how long it takes you to work through courses and modules, nor how often you go back to revise. Go at your own pace but remember to have fun.
The ‘learning songs’ on the other hand is an issue, as that is the point of learning to play for most of us. Is it that you have trouble memorising them or unable to concentrate from start to finish?
You can use chord and lyric sheets for the former, but probably need to simplify what you’re playing if it’s the latter.
Why not record a sample of your playing and share it? You might get some helpful suggestions.
Good luck on your journey :smiley:


Hey Chris

Welcome to the community. Good to meet you. Keeping an acoustic guitar out on it’s stand is an easy way to be sure you can strum at a moments notice. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the community Chris. :slight_smile:

Tony beat me to it. No wires, lovely!

Hi Chris, welcome to the community!
There’s an easy way out of your problem, you can play without wires!

Something that I now use to avoid the wiring and to get me playing more. Just a few switches to tickle, simples👍

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Hi Chris, a very warm welcome to the community.
You have already done several things correct / admirable … gone back to the beginning to build from scratch again, laid out your struggles and recognised your weak areas to develop and, of course, joining in here where you will find support, encouragement and friendly folk. :slight_smile: Cheers RIchard

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Thanks for the welcome.

First new mistake: I work from home still so was going to start trying to clear some room to leave an amp set up, or at least more setup, during lunch. It’s half term as of 12 so my lunch breaks won’t be my own for 2 weeks :joy: Oh well I’ll try my best.

I already probably have more gear than I should*, so I’d like try at least try and solve this with out more gear but see how that goes. The trick will be to have a bit more room, and a spare plug socket!

Not sure about recording just yet. I’m incredibly self conscious so I’ll need to build my self up to that. I’ll go have a look in that section and see how others do it as a bit of guidance though.

* 2 guitars, 2 amps and a slowly growing pile of pedals that doesn’t include a tuner. I’ve spent lock down learning to build my own pedals so it’s grown a bit recently.

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Welcome to the Community, Chris. All the wise-words already been shared. I can just say I look forward to hearing from you as you progress.

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Good luck picking it up again.

I’m in the “start over” camp with you, after a long long long lay off and never being a good learner in the first place.

Regarding wires and “ready to go” - have a look at the fender Mustang micro. It’s like a vox amplug that you have, but can also Bluetooth to your phone so lessons, YouTubes etc come through into your headphones. I leave my micro in my guitar all the time with headphones dangling off the “horn” on my strat. Locked and loaded at all times!

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The short answer is both. I tend to either hyper-focus or “squirrel”, for medical reasons that aren’t hard to work out.

Once I know a song, say Mr Jones, it’s pretty much for ever, bar maybe the bridge which I’ll remember pretty fast if I play along a couple of times again.

But learning it, and staying on it enough to get it down is that hard part. I often can play along but then don’t stick with it long enough to program it, Hey Jude is a great example. I can play around 50-75% but the bridge section after the D descending to Asus2 (I think anyway, chords names are another example) bit I am always thinking, this isn’t right.

Other songs I can’t remember at all.

Some of this may be finding a good way to play along that isn’t a barrier, but mostly it is just focus or a lack of.

Welcome Chris.

Which part of Hertfordshire? I grew up in Knebworth.

That’s probably the same as most of the people in this community, including me.

I know that feeling well I really struggle with this aspect. The weird thing is I do some acting and I don’t have much problem standing on a stage in front of a few hundred people and delivering a performance, as long as I’m pretending to be someone else and not performing with an instrument.

If you do decide to post something, this is the best, most supportive, place to do it on the Internet.

Good luck,



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Hi Chris. Nice to meet you. I’m a totally new starter and looking forward to this journey later in my life. Looking forward to hearing more about yours.

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Hi Chris

Herts is my old stomping ground, born in Stevenage old town later moving to Watford but that was many moons ago !

Take your own sweet time and learn some songs. That’s it really. :wink:
No timeline, deadline or expectations and therefore no pressure. Its about having fun so why make it hard.




Oh, I didn’t know that. I went to school near there (Barclay) and worked in a local computer shop in Stevenage Old Town for a few years.



It was 56-63 and boy did it change after that !

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I’m in Hemel but do occasionally venture about. The Stevenage and Knebworth areas are areas I don’t often have need to go to though.


We have a member in St Albans, so nearly on your door step. @Willsie01 heads up John.



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