Hi from Devon UK

Hi all. Hope you are all staying safe and well. Just thought I would introduce myself to the Community. I love the new look to Justin’s website and Community area.
I am 56 and attempted to learn guitar about 25 years ago. I made the mistake then of following a graded guitar syllabus and in hindsight this was the wrong path for me. I stopped playing after about 2 years and decided to have another go during lockdown about 18 months ago. I followed Justin’s teaching for about 6 months, then did about a year of blues courses from another online instructor. Now I’m back with Justin!
My main aim these days is to be able to play and record myself playing some of the great classic rock songs that I have loved over the years. So, Justin’s song lessons are my main focus and I dip into the technique type lessons when I find my self struggling with certain aspects of a song I am trying to learn. Today I am going to start on Purple Haze - gotta love a bit of Hendrix!
Take care all and enjoy your guitar journey.


Hello @LesPaul65 welcome to the Community.

Cheers :smiley:
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Hi @LesPaul65
Your story is very similar to mine - the great thing is that now with some great teaching from Justin, I reckon we can all make up the lost time, and end up as even better players than we ever thought possible,
Good luck!

welcome to the community. For me, focusing on learning complete songs made all the difference. Now I’m hooked and always looking for new songs to learn.

Let’s hope so! Now I am older I certainly find it easier to focus on my goals and get less distracted by the ‘learn to play great solo guitar in 5 minutes’ type trash that is out there. Justin is not only a great teacher but keeps it real.


Thanks Tony. I agree that learning songs properly and completely is the key for me too. And I love the way Justin has the songs ‘graded’ so that you can pick from dozens that are at your particular level at a given time.

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Hello Stephen and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Community, Stephen. I hope sharing some playing is part of that rocking out to Hendrix

Thanks David. Yes I must get into the spirit of things, take the plunge and share a recording or two. I have not been recording myself for that long but it is sure way to show up my weaknesses! I find it a great reality check as I can really hear myself more objectively. Helps me focus on what I have to improve - it’s always lots!
I did record Californication (RHCP) recently so I will get that posted up. Purple Haze is still in the early ‘learning’ stage.