Hi from Jason in Surrey UK, another cancer victim stuck at home

lol, not quite, but it’s a good idea, my cat would love it.
Did you ever see the film “The Fly”?

NO and would never !

I know marty mc Fly that’s enough :slight_smile:

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HI Jason i`m sure you will get better as for budget guitars Squire take a lot of beating for the Fender types Epiphone for the Gibson type although they are not the cheapest and Harley Benton never had one so cant comment vintage guitars make some good ones all British built but again not too cheap I have a Gibson gold top type made from mahogany but it is very heavy nice guitar though not recommended for a beginner.

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I got a great deal on Ebay with a guy selling locally and have got a Yamaha Revstar and the difference between the old cheap electric a friend lent me and this is incredible. I just want to keep practicing on it. Got a Blackstar amp as well and just came in on budget so very happy.


Hello Jason & welcome!!!
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis & surgery but happy you’ve found Justin - music is very healing!
I have a Yamaha acoustic that I love & hear really good things about the Revstar… I hope it’s a fun time for you learning to :metal: Rock Out!!! :metal: Have fun with your road to musical excellence & also to Recovery!!!


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Hi Jason! All the best from a fellow sufferer, been there 20/21, gone through a full therapy. Good on you to start with guitar playing, it’s so rewarding and a great mental support. I wish you all the very best :green_heart:! Take care!


Thanks Helen, finding the guitar and a new skill is very theraputic.

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