Hi from Jburnett - I’m back after many years

Excited to be back, been about 10 years or better since Justin gave me a start, of course life got in the way and I parked learning. Newly retired and able to buy nice gear, I’m coming back.


Jeff good to meet you and good to see that you are kick starting your guitar journey. Hey now you are retired you have no excuses, so crack on !



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Whoo hoo so glad to have you here Jeff. You’ve got a winning combo there - time to use as you please and a new guitar. Which of Justin’s courses do you think you’ll dive in to?

Welcome back Jeff. Congrats on retirement.

Congratulations. I retired just over 2 years ago and feel so fortunate. Enjoy the journey.

Hi Jeff! Good to meet you!

A very warm welcome Jeff. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Jeff. The new website and courses are even
better than 10 years ago

Welcome back, Jeff.

Look forward to pictures of the new gear and progress updates.

Thanks for the warm welcome! The new material is very different than the old, I like it but will take some time getting used to it. Funny how I remember Justin as a young guy! Guess we are all getting old…

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welcome @TheMadman_tobyjenner this might be a new platform but all and all not so much has changed in 10y of time :smiley:

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Thank you @LievenDV have I entered a parallel universe ? :wink:

Ah rats meant to say @Jburnett but probably misclicked :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jeff, nice to meet you. Hope to hear more from you soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to meet you, Jeff.
Retirement + guitar…what’s not to like! :smiley: :guitar:

Hello and welcome Jeff, nice to meet you. :slight_smile: