Hi from Jeff. Introducing myself + questions the forum

Morning All!

My name’s Jeff and I’m new to these forums. I got introduced to JustinGuitar by a friend I used to drive to lessons with in El Cajon, CA way back in 1997-98. She plays in bands now, and credits these lessons with getting really going. I’m in Virginia now, and I have far to many guitars for someone who doesn’t play well yet. My favorite is my Japanese Fender Jaguar. I just hit Justin’s ‘F Chord’ lesson and I’m concerned because I can play the barre F on a guitar with a very flat fretboard radius, but its still very hard on my ‘rounder’ Jag, which is my favorite. I’m hoping weeks and weeks of trying will get me there.

I have started and quit in-person guitar lessons more times than I remember over the last 25 yrs (I am 48!). I think the pressure of real life, having a family and a job, and having to make sure to try to progress in a week before the next lesson really was a negative and turned me off. With the lessons and especially the App here, I am finally progressing for REAL. I’m playing more than ever and it’s actually fun rather than something I ‘have to’ do.

How friendly is the environment on these forums? I’ve been on some really great ones, and I’ve been on some where every question ends up in someone saying ‘why didn’t you search?’ I like to chat. Engage with people. Sometimes the answer you see already isn’t what you are looking for, etc.

Anyhow. I have a few questions but I will hold them until I get to know my way around here a bit.

Hope you all are progressing well!


Hi Jeffrey and welcome to Community. Nothing as such will happen around here so please fire away any questions you might have. You are not the only one who gave up playing to eventually come back to it at a later day so people will understand and try to help you as much as they can :slight_smile: all the best!

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Welcome to the forum Jeffrey

Nice guitar. I find barre chords on rounder fret board like Fender and Gibson easier if you
bend your index find a little. When you play a board chord on a Flatter neck is you finger
almost straight? If so when playing the Jaguar try bending your index finger a little and use
there side.


Why didn’t you search to find out first!!!


I am, of course, only joking.

Welcome to the community. These forums are extremely friendly. If you ask a question that’s already been asked, you may end up with your question getting merged into an existing thread by one of the hard-working mods, but I don’t recall anyone getting lambasted for it.

Have a look around, get to know our “vibe”, and feel free to ask questions.

Regarding your barre chord predicament:

In general, rounder fretboards are normally considered easier to barre on, but not everyone is the same and some people do find it easier with a flatter fretboard. IMO you will get it with practice.

Having said that, it is worth checking that it’s not a bad action on your Jag. The F-Chord is right up close to the nut and, if the nut is cut too high, it can make it difficult to fret.

As a test, try sticking a capo on at the first fret, and then do the F-barre on the second fret (this, of course, will then be F#) and see if it’s still hard. If it’s noticeably easier, then it could be the nut it cut too high, and that’s something you will probably need a luthier to fix.




Welcome to the community, Jeff :blush:

This community is very supportive so don’t worry.

Aside from what @Majik said, maybe a reply is a link to a similar topic or response. But I’ve never seen such a thing as “why didn’t you search”

Good luck with those barre chords. I still struggling with them so I can’t give any more advice.

Rock on :metal::guitar:

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Welcome Jeff

Glad you have put the fun back into learning and as your friend suggested you have found the right place to learn. As to the Community/Forum I don’t think you will find another like it. The old forum was always a warm and friendly place, with lots of helpful advice and not just on Justin’s courses. We moved to a new platform late December and the Community is now more accessible to folks using Justin’s main website and the number here have ramped up considerably.

Has anything changed ? No, its still juts a bunch of guitar folks at various points of their journey all trying to learn, others trying to help and support and everyone sharing there experience.

Feel free to ask all you questions. Don’t worry if you are not sure where they should be posted. Our ever helpful moderators @Richard_close2u @LievenDV @DavidP will put it in the right section for you. In time you will find your way around and know what’s where but in the mean time don’t be afraid to ask.




Thanks for all the replies! Very welcoming group here!

So earlier today I looked at some of the advice here. Weird thing, I still am able to get an F more consistently on the Epiphone Les Paul and a ‘Traveler’ guitar (Which I really do use to practice on the road ever since I started this course!) Both seem flatter, and I think the specs bear that out on the Epi at least. ANYHOW I’m starting to get some less muffled things to come out of the Jaguar based on some of your comments like bending my finger and using the side (thanks for pic!), as well as 'just keep trying, and moving your hand and fingers around. I guess it will be like anything on guitar… one day the hand will just do it correctly. The primary things I believe are going on are the meat of my second finger is muting the b string, (I’ll have to put it on a diet!) and the underside of the first finger’s a little too weak to press hard consistently. Still… there is some progress and its supposed to take a while! The nut is seemingly fine. I still get the same muting from the same finger when I move up the fretboard. Also I realized I may have shot myself in the foot/finger a bit when I put 12’s on the jag this weekend before starting the F lesson. The ‘storied’ jaguar bridge is crap and I needed to combat its deficiencies. Oh well. if that has any effect it’ll just mean I’ll be stronger later.

Thanks again for the welcomes and comments. I’ll go find some more places to nerd out here. I am a gear-head because I have an affinity for tinkering with/rebuilding things. My ‘real’ skills are in VISUAL art/graphic design and constructing/finishing things (like plastic model kits) and the guitars are just gorgeous. None of them are collector guitars though, just pretty ones i like. I usually get the budget line. I’ll get a American Fender or Gibson when I have earned it by playing amazingly. So I’ve got PLENTY of time to put that off!

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Welcome to the Community, Jeffery. My community friends have said it all already. Just keep on having fun. See you round.

Hello and welcome to the community Jeff. :slight_smile:

A real bunch on friendlies on here with lots of knowledge. I’m sure you’ll find it to your liking.

Hi Jeff, and a very warm welcome to the community.
Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, have a drink, make yourself at home.

Welcome Jeff! I don’t think I need to add to anything others have said except to confirm you’ve found one of the warmest online communities I know of! Terrific that Justin’s approach is validated yet again with your comments! Good luck!

My good man, I believe the hardest part is already behind you.
Now you need to find a way to sliiiightly roll your index finger siways and the curve will be easier.

From what I can read in your post, this Community will be a perfect fit for you.
I can’t beat our welcome committee, who welcomed you already; I can only echo their spot-on replies.

As @TheMadman_tobyjenner already pointed out, we’re all here to help chat and fix things!
Now let’s get you into playing those fine guitars! :smiley:

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Welcome Jeff, I’m reasonably new here myself and it’s a pretty positive place - a refreshing change from most of the net.

On your barre chords - 12s on an electric would definitely make them harder to play. Wouldn’t a jag have 9s or 10s standard? Heavier strings are harder to barre.

Hi Jeffrey, welcome to the community. The worst it could happen here with a question is that if someone has crafted a good general answer to a frequent question, a link could be provided to get there, but most of the time you will get a personalized and encouraging advice. Both ways work. You get your questions answered. Nice you have several guitars. You can find which one fits the mood of the day :).