Hi from John in Derbyshire, UK

Hi everyone! I was on the old forums very sporadically and have been learning with Justin for 3 years now. Currently around the intermediate level and looking to add more fingerpicking and blues to my repertoire.

Played ukulele around 10 years ago but had a big lapse of not picking anything up until I got into guitar 3 years ago, which originally started so that I could help my son with his guitar lessons but I got the bug and here I am 5 guitars later!


Thanks for the intro, John.

Now 5 guitars will get some attention. Next step from the Intro is to consider a Learning Log - #community-hub:learning-logs - to share more of your journey, track progress, and post up pictures of guitars :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I didn’t know that learning log existed either, shall check it out!

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Hello and welcome to the community John. :slight_smile:

Do you still play your Uke at all?

Thanks @SgtColon

I play the uke occassionally. I intend to write and record some of my own stuff at some point and can see the uke being a part of that process. It was the uke that got me into playing an instrument as an adult having previously written myself off as non-musical. Even set up a ukulele night up in Edinburgh where I lived at the time, the ‘Edinburgh Monday Ukearist’.

I’ve been learning to sing for the past year too which has been a much bigger challenge than any instrument I’ve ever learnt!


Hi John welcome to the new gaff ! The Learning Log is a rebadge version of the Roadcases from the old forum. New house, new broom, new label. Shame I liked that tag but load of folk posting LLs since we opened for business.



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I never used it on the old forums either, tbh I found the old forums a bit overwhelming in their scope! Seems a bit more organised on the new ones so I’ll see how I get on.

Mostly just plugged away at the courses on me tod.

Welcome John, good to have you. :slight_smile:

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