Hi from Lefteris - my overdue Introduction

Let me start with an apology it took me a while to introduce myself. Busy times (good excuse, no?).

My name is Lefteris, which derives from the word which in English would be equivalent to “free” or “freedom”. Sometimes I do believe this represents more ways than one.
I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and London, UK, is where I call “home” for a number of years now.

My first attempt at learning how to play the guitar was at uni. I didn’t go too far before I gave up though. I was playing an electric guitar which was given to me (I was given a choice between a Squire and that… so knowledgable was I…), it hadn’t been loved for years so I just bought an amp and though I could start learning… little did I know.
Eventually I gave up and thought I just wasn’t skilled enough for this.

I picked up the guitar again at the end of 2019. I bought a new guitar but used the same amp I had. At the same time, in tandem with learning how to play the guitar, I started learning how to maintain it as well (and since I like getting my hands dirty, even building them at some point).
That’s when I realised that that old guitar I started with was in need of some (a lot of) TLC. That’s my project now, I’m determined to resurrect that guitar.

I’m not quite sure how I came across Justin Guitar. I believe I watched a video on youtube about guitar setup and Justin had a guitar tech over and discussing about that. I believe that’s how I discovered the website.
Up until that point I was using a good ol’book and various resources online. The book was good enough but the online resources felt like there’s wasn’t a plan really. And this is what I have appreciated with Justin’s method, it feels there’s a plan and you get all you need to start playing songs and music.

I’m currently in Module 11, Grade 2 but I’ve been reading and “cheating”, skipping forward to satisfy my appetite. For instance, I skipped many lessons to find the ones about bending and vibrato. Once I figured the techniques, I started working on them and then applying them on songs. That’s how I actually started learning my two first “real” songs, “real” in a sense that they’re songs that I like and I’d actually play them for fun and I’ve learned them from start to finish, not just the riffs. They’re not too difficult, I’m talking about the Paranoid and the Ironman… I’ve worked on the solos too though which was very good for my confidence.
I know bits and pieces of other songs but I need to sit down and put the pieces together.

The journey goes on and is fascinating.

I’m glad to meet you all on here and I look forward to having fun learning, playing the guitar and supporting each other.



Nice to hear from you, welcome to the community. For me, playing “real” songs all the way through made such a difference in my motivation. Yet I know others who enjoy just learning all sorts of riffs. It is a wondrous journey.

Hey @tony !
I know what you’re talking about. I like doing the same, playing riffs and having fun but when I’m done I have the feeling that I’m not satisfied. That’s was a big contributing factor in my sitting down and working my way through whole songs.

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Great intro Lefteris and if you are into a little Sabbath, I look forward to you recording your efforts and sharing with us !

Welcome to the Community. :sunglasses:

Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner!
Haha good point you raised there. I’m into Sabbath among other things and I’m very much flirting with recording. Not quite there yet but I’ll try to muster the confidence and put the phone against the mug… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m also very interested in recording on my computer. I think I’ve understood the steps and I’ll start, slowly, gathering the equipment… There’s a point where I’m a bit unclear but it’s another discussion for a later time.

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Hi Lefteris :wave:

As long as you are enjoying what you’re learning- you’re winning

Good to have you here, Lefteris. As you say, Justin’s structured programme is the business. And we are all here learning and having fun.

Look forward to hearing you rocking some Sabbath when you are ready.

Nice intro Lefteris. Good to have you here. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Lefteris.
Being a guitar forum, we quite rightly leave politics at the door when we enter the Community, but I do love your name :wink:

Haha, nobody is ever ‘quite there yet’… until they do it :smiley:

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@liaty, @Richard_close2u, @DavidP, @brianlarsen thank you for the warm welcome!

@brianlarsen I totally agree on that. I’m not sure where the politics are involved in my introduction though. Be sure, there isn’t any reference to politics anywhere :slight_smile:

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Hello, Man of Freedom!
Great story. I find that I too am beginning to ‘skip ahead’ a bit to pick up some techniques I wish to apply sooner than later. Will be interesting to compare notes on how it works out.

Don’t be concerned about @brianlarsen 's comment regarding politics. He is a man of dry and wry wit. It’s all good! :grinning:

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Hey @ChasetheDream! Great to meet you.

Yeah I know he is good and means well. :wink:

As for skipping ahead, I’m sure it’s not recommended. For me, it’s very easy to get absorbed and then sidetracked to something else. I enjoy that and consider it part of the process. If the destination is the goal though, it will take longer!
However, I don’t know how I’d be able to play songs that I like otherwise since all of them have a lot of vibrato and bending. So I didn’t see a way around it.

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… and I often ‘put my foot in it’ :roll_eyes:

Not at all. I’ve heard Justin often encourage to skip ahead and explore or experiment yourself. The caveat is not to become frustrated or disheartened if things seem too difficult or impossible. (And also of course to keep on with building up the basics/essentials.)
The process is the goal/destination. It’s going to take the rest of your life :wink:


Hello and welcome to the community Lefteris. :slight_smile:

I wonder how many badly setup guitars put people off?

It’s great to get back on the guitar journey.

Hello Lefteris, welcome to the best guitar community there is!

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Hello and welcome to our wonderful Community! :smiley:

You’ll come back to bending and vibrato soon enough, I’m sure :wink:

I would bet badly setup guitars put a LOT of people off. Someone just starting out has no idea what a difference setup can make. I know that I was kind of reluctant to spend any money at all on a setup at first because I felt like I was probably just looking for an excuse for why I was struggling to play the thing. “Sure Dave, blame the guitar!” After about the first 3 months I decided I had proven to myself that I was not going to just quit, so I finally got a setup and it made a big difference.

Thank you @Schmidtrock! Nice to meet you here!

It’s not the easiest thing for me. I practise them very regularly and still… But I enjoy it!

Definitely an issue. The worse thing is that confidence takes a hit and people get very discouraged.

In my case, when I started doing that old guitar up, I found lots of flaws. Some of the tuning machines were even broken so no wonder why I couldn’t get the guitar tuned well… The electrics were not in good state either… Frets very worn out…
But I’m gradually fixing it now but I’m at crossroads at the moment.