Hi from Mutant - finally logging in

Hey all, I’m not new to the site, I just never used the forum. I’ve been playing for a while now. Usually I don’t introduce myself but I wanted to see what’s going on in here. I’ll look through some more posts and hopefully I will finally finish a course. My tabs have been open on Blues rhythm and lead for a while now. :sweat_smile:

I might come up with a better username soon too. Suggestions are open


Hello nice to meet you and hope you stick around! :slight_smile:

Nickname is a personal decision to make, we don’t know you well enough yet to decide instead. I am sure you will come up with something interesting :slight_smile: all the best.

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Good to meet you here, Lindsey.

I’ve been a disciple of JustinGuitar for 5 years now and found the old Forum an invaluable support to my learning. In particular, the ability to post recordings and receive feedback, to confirm progress, get suggestions, and be encouraged.

Have a look and see, perhaps you’ll find some value as well. If so, see you round.

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Hey what wrong with Mutant for a handle. As David has said, the old Forum provided invaluable help on my guitar journey and I’ve tried to do the same there, paying it forward as Justin says. All that will continue here, we are just in a different house is all. Exploit the opportunities that abound here and join in the fun as well.



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@TheMadman I changed the name. Mutant is the new nickname, I think I’ll stick with that one. The forum is all good so far, you might see me more often.

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