Hi from Sheffield, UK

Hi, I’m Ben

I’ve been attempting to learn guitar for nearly six years now…I’m still pretty rubbish, not helped I’m sure by my very undisciplined learning style!

I had a very brief attempt at learning guitar when I was 12…didn’t get very far at all and really didn’t enjoy it. Never quite sure whether to blame that on my teacher for making it so boring, or myself for not putting the effort in! Then, in my early 30s, I decided to have another go, bought a cheap ukulele on Amazon, got addicted and followed this up with a guitar and a piano (and several more guitars and ukes).

Recording possibly to follow…you may want to watch out for it so you can avoid accidentally clicking on it and damaging your ears :smiley:

As I’m paying for lessons, piano does tend to get more of my attention, although that said guitar has definitely had more time on it the last few months due to addiction.

Trying to learn Here Comes the Sun at the moment regarding which I’ve just asked a question re tuning on the lesson page - but not sure whether that’s likely to be seen or where’s best to post questions like this?

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Hello Ben and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Learning two instruments at the same time, now that is rock and roll!

Hi Ben,
Welcome and i wish you all the possible fun here, :sunglasses:
Greetings, Rogier

Thanks Roger and Sgt Colon (mind if I call you Fred?)

Why struggle with one instrument when you can be rubbish at several?! :grin:

On a more serious note, I initially bought myself a cheap keyboard just to help me with the theory side of things, have something to be able to easily work out a melody, etc. Then ended up playing it as much as guitar (largely thanks to Yousician). I do actually find it helps to have two instruments as when you get stuck in a rut with one you turn to the other. Not to mention there’s a lot of stuff that’s transferrable one way or another. Also, I think when learning something, trying to play it on a different instrument does make you break it down and help you to understand it at a slightly deeper level. Going from say, guitar to uke, you may have to simplify it and work out which notes can be substituted. Going to / from piano, it’s a completely different sound of course and so you have to completely rethink the sound…something that I’ve still not worked out how to do! :upside_down_face:

Only problem is I got to the point on piano that I really needed proper lessons, which have been great, but means I’m no longer able to ignore it for a bit while I concentrate on guitar, and likewise limits time for experimenting…

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Hey, welcome to the community. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks Tony.

I’d like to say I’ll be back often, and I’ll try, but knowing me I’ll forget and rediscover it in six months time :crazy_face:

Good to meet you Ben and fun to hear your route so far, we’ve mostly all had some bad younger days experience with learning that Justin has rescued us from!!
Look forward to the recording when you’re good and ready, my ears will be prepared but I’ve no doubt you’ll be terrific!

Hi Ben, a very warm welcome to the community, you have come to the right place for the best guitar lesson content and the greatest community.
As to your lesson specific question, I am usually around to answer questions in the beginner lessons and songs area but have been (still am really) on annual leave so haven’t been active lately. I’ll check it out soon. Cheers
RIchard :slight_smile: