Hi from southern France!

Hi, I’m Steve, originally from Reading, UK, now retired and living in southern France, a bit north of Toulouse. I have been trying to learn guitar since my early 30’s but work and life got in the way. Now 60 and retired in rural France I subscribed to the Justin guitar App and haven’t looked back. Yes, as said many times, you’re never too old to learn. Music taste is firmly rooted in 70’s prog rock (massive Rush fan) and punk, I enjoy playing Blues style stuff on acoustic and let off steam with some heavier stuff on electric. Still consider myself very much a beginner but it’s just for me so as long as I enjoy it and make progress, I guess it’s worthwhile.

Looking forward to making virtual friends and joining the discussions.

Gear? Well I love PRS so have a P20e parlour acoustic (which travels with me to Spain once a year) and a Soapbar II SE electric with just a looper pedal (just purchased) and a Fender Champ 30 DSP which always sounds a bit edgy to me, but it’s most likely my playing!


Hi Steve ,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
Yes it is great to be here ,but don`t forget to practice now you find the community :smile:



welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi Steve
Welcome to the community :smiling_face: It’s a great place (it is very easy to lose track of time here :laughing: )
Definitely never too old to learn :smiley: :sunflower:

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Welcome to the forum Steve

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Hello Steve & Welcome!!!
Enjoy playing & hope you have fun here in the Community too!

Tod from New Mexico USA

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Welcome onboard Steve, no such thing as too old to learn, I’m 72 and still learning - believe me there’s always something more to learn!

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Welcome Steve, you’ll like it round here. Sounds like you’ve got a head start but there’s loads to do, I’m sure the site will keep you busy.
By the way my uncle lived not to far from there, a place called Ceret near Perpignan. A guitar was never far away when I visited him and his friends

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Hi Steve, welcome to the community. Sounds like you will have a lot of fun in retirement playing guitar.

Hi Steve et Bienvenue !

I upped sticks end of 2011. Originally from darn sarf Watford/Harrow area though originate in N Herts. Work took me to London, Merseyside and then Wakefield area for the last 18 years.
A get out of jail free card at 55 let me jump ship as the downward spiral started accelerating and landed in Lower Normandy - been holidaying there since 94.

Not regretted the move and take every day as a holiday. Been with Justin since 2013 and this forum for a decade. Its a good place and many helpful friendly folk.