Hi from the North East (England)

Hi Folks,

I’m Brian from the North East of England.

I’ve been meandering through the grades 1 and 2 for the last year and thoroughly enjoying it.

I decided to learn when I found that working from home long term left more free time and I’ve always fancied playing guitar.

I own both electric and acoustic guitars, but for the last few weeks (around the F chord) have been concentrating on the acoustic.

So there you have it, a very short introduction,




Hi Brian,

Welcome to the community I’ve not been here long myself but its very supportive and site is excellent with loads to learn.

Welcome Brian :slight_smile:
Terrific you’re finding such enjoyment from learning, I’m like you in that I picked this up about 18 months ago as a lockdown opportunity to do something I always wanted to do. You’ve found the best teacher and in this place a very warm community.
Good luck with F :wink:

Hi Brian, welcome to this huge safe of knowlegde and kind people, enjoy…

Hello Brian,
I wish you all the fun posible,


Welcome Brian from a fellow North Easterner

Michael :guitar::notes::+1:

Welcome Brian good to meet you.
I was at Wakefield before landing in Normandie. Not quite NE but getting that way :wink:
Don’t be afraid to shout up and ask questions when ever the need arises. Lots of helpful and knowledgeable folks here only to willing to help !



I am somewhat behind with saying hello and welcoming the recent newcomers but I saw NE England and had to jump right in to say ‘Hi Brian’.
You really have found the best site for learning and the best community for support.
A warm and friendly welcome from a fellow north-easterner!
:slight_smile: Cheers

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Hi Brian,

Welcome to the forum. We are all looking forward to following your progress as an artist. As Justin says practice makes permanent and there is no need to rush through the course. A lot of us here have failed playing guitar in the past and now found great success with Justin’s methods. The key is to keep moving forward and accept the challenges that may come. I suggest to record yourself and you will see how quickly you progress in just weeks and months. Everyone is here to offer support and motivation. This is a great group of guitarists. Best of luck

Jeff from California

Welcome Brian, hope you enjoy your time here and good luck with that pesky F chord. B is even more fun :wink:

Welcome to the Community, Brian, happy to meet you here. Having fun learning and playing.

Hello Brian and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Many thanks for the warm welcome!

I try to remind myself how hard things were at the beginning, always handy to remember that I once struggled with Dm etc. while I curse the F chord.

Strangely enough, I’m OK with the F chord on the acoustic now, changes are awkward but getting better, but moving back to the electric was a shock. It just felt so weird, I think its down to the thinness of the neck. Still I’ll adapt.