Hi from Timothy in the Canadian Rockies

hey everyone, nice to e-meet y’all and jump in to what looks like a welcoming and active community…wanted to introduce myself (and my 3 friends…), ~1 year back into guitar-ing and slowly working my way through many of the courses and songs on JG after a ~30 year hiatus from playing.


Welcome aboard! Plenty of comeback kids here.
Whereabouts in the JG list of courses do you think you fit in?

Hey Timothy. I LIKE your friends. It’s all about the company you keep. Welcome to the forum. Look forward to hearing more from you.

That could be a formidable foursome, welcome to the forum Timothy !

Hi Timothy,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of guitar playing :sunglasses:

Nice to meet you and your 3 friends, Timothy!

Welvome to JG community, Timothy, a nice looking collection you have there too … :+1:
Keep it fun … :sunglasses:
Forgot to say you will find a lot of electric and acoustic guitar players in here. Many actively play both, and this adds to the community experience… :smiling_face:

Welcome to the community, Timothy! :smiley:

Wish you lots of fun on your re-entered guitar journey.

Cheers - Lisa

Welcome to the forum Timothy

Timothy, welcome to the community forum. It looks like you have a lot of nice guitars to play songs on. Have fun as you make your great comeback to guitar.

Welcome Timothy,

Enjoy the ride mate. Stick close to Justins lessons, and reach out here anytime. A truly great community here.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

Hi Timothy, welcome. Good you are back into guitar and this time you have Justin Guitar lessons available for a steady progress. Have fun.

Hey, Timothy. Nice to meet you! Welcome!