Hi from Zach in North Carolina

I pastor a small church in rural NC, USA, and I took guitar lessons briefly in high school before an obsession with basketball fizzled it out.

I took if up again in my 30s both as a way of bettering myself and also to help our church’s music program out. The lessons on the site have really helped me organize and structure my learning process, in Grade 2 right now and really enjoying it.


Welcome, Zach, great to meet you here.

Hello Zach and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Are you still obsessed with basketball or have the guitar now taken over?

Hello Pastor Hicks, welcome :slight_smile:
Basketball is also a worthy obsession :grinning:

Hi Zach,
Welcome, and guitar/music is a nice way to make people leave your church even happier…(I only mean the good with these words of course)… :sunglasses:
I wish you a lot of fun and a super learning time,

Good to meet you Zach and glad to hear the enjoyment you’re taking!

I’m in Carolina Shores…Welcome Aboard. Justin is a good teacher.

I still play some but at this point my back and knees are only going to tolerate but so much of that.

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Welcome to JustinGuitar and this great community Zach. Following the grades, step-by-step, that’s the way to make solid progress. You’ll have them singing and rocking in the aisles in no time! :slight_smile: