Hi Gang...Muffknuckle here

I’m coming back slowly but surely. 4 months out of shoulder surgery and I started doing some playing today. Can only play above the 7th fret but rebuilding finger and hand strength. Im amazed I still have some callouses.
I see Madman is still at it and others are doing well. Good to see. Cant wait to play the whole neck. Good thing is its making me practice slowly. What fun. Looking forward to the future.
PS: Dont tell the PT or doctors I’m playing. :slight_smile:


Welcome back Dean

Good to hear your back playing
It’s probably good therapy for your shoulder, Just don’t over do it.

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Hey Dean, welcome back, glad to hear you are improving.

As somebody who has had a previous shoulder surgery, way to go! I remember having no muscle mass to speak of once I got my arm “free” of the immobilizer.

Definitely be diligent about your PT “homework” - it really does make a huge difference in regaining mobility!!

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Welcome back Dean.
I wish you have a nice, speedy and full recovery!!
All the best mate!

Good to see you back Dean and glad the shoulder surgery went well. You’ll be shredding on that neck before you know it. :+1:

Hi Dean, welcome back, wish you all the best for your recovery!

Hello Dean, welcome back to the guitar and the community.
Take it slow - in the end, you’ll be faster :slight_smile: .

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Welcome back Dean, hope the recovery goes well.

Welcome back. You will be rocking full speed in no time. Just take it easy, one step at a time :slight_smile:

Hello Dean, I’m very happy you’re back to some playing and I wish you a speed recovery :blush: Please don’t overdo, take it slowly and enjoy!

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Thanks for the kind words and advice. It’s going well so far. Only practice about 30 mins a day . Playing the Strat to slowly build strengh etc. Yes, Southpaw6 I am doing what they tell me to do. I even have my own torture chamber setup with bands, and pulleys and sticks and weights.
I am pleasantly surprised that I have more hand strength than I thought I would. Calouses seem to be building very quickly.
I hope you all have a great weekend and play lots a music!