Hi I am Gino from the netherlands

Hi all,

Ive been playing for a few years now but i always felt like a forever beginner. I can noodle with some scales en play bits of songs but i cant really play the guitar. After almost a one year break I am now back at it. And trying if the lessons from Justin can help me. In the previous years i learned with guitartricks but for some reason the lessons from guitartricks don’t do it for me.


Welcome Gino. You are in the right place for support/ advice/ encouragement and lots more. I have many happy memories of the Netherlands :netherlands: as I lived there for almost 9 years. I left in 2011 but had a great time there. Veel success!


Hi Gino, welcome to the community. Good to hear you are making progress. For me, learning complete songs is much more motivating than learning riffs and such. Keep at it.


Hello Gino and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Hopefully Justin’s lessons will be just the trick for you.


Hello Gino and greetings from Belgium! We’re practically neighbours… :grinning:

You’ve defintitly come to the right place to start your journey.

Have fun!

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Hi Gino, so nice that you‘ve joined the community :grinning:.
You‘ll find a lot of support here. And I‘m certain that Justin‘s clear and super structured way of teaching can help you a lot to progress along your guitar journey.
I wish you lots of fun :smiley:.


Hoi Gino,
Je dagen als beginner zijn geteld :sunglasses:
Really serious, follow the lessons from the beginning and you will be able to skip quite a lot, but also with many beginners lessons where you think ‘I already know’ I would be surprised if you can’t get something out of it… but considering the time you have already spent you will go fast in the beginning,…and you will learn more here in 1 year, than before in 5(?) years…i wish you a lot of fun and I look forward to your first video if you record it as advised and maybe dare to share it…but for yourself it’s a nice way to see your growth process after a few weeks/months… :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Hi Gino, welcome! After a couple of failed attempts with other methods Justin’s the one that made it work for me so hopefully you will find the same, all the very best! :slight_smile:

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For me the difficulty is chosing the right songs. Choosing a song that is both interesting to play and not to frustrating is a challenge.

Hello Gino and welcome to the community. Welcome back to guitar too following time away. Getting stuck at beginner level is a common obstacle. Have you figured out your short term aims, a learning and practice path and a routine for playing tgat suits you and that you xan follow?

Shout out if you need help or encouragement.

Welcome, Gino! I hope you will find huge success and motivation from Justin’s lessons and techniques, I sure did!

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Hi Gino, welcome. Justin has a list of songs for each module that are appropriate for each skill level. There is also a paid app if guitar karaoke appeals you. With both you can narrow the songs by level, chords and performer.

Hi Gino,

Goie’ Dag. Welcome to the community. I spent a lot of time in Holland years ago when I lived in that part of the world. I always thought Dutch people were great with a great sense of humor. I have been learning from Justin guitar for a couple years now. His lesson plans are well-written and easy to understand. I suggest to record yourself as you progress through the course. As you watch your videos you will so how much improvement you make each week. If you like Dutch music, Het es een Nacht is a very playable song with only 4 chords (Em-C-G-D) and a fun song…good luck on your journey. e are all here to cheer you on to success

Jeff from California.