Hi, I am Mark Kinsey from Tavares, FL

My wife gave me a guitar for Christmas 4 years ago (shortly after my 60 birthday), and I have been learning guitar from Justin since then. It has been a great passion to have since I retired last spring. My only real goal related to guitar is enjoyment. I have found that I enjoy acoustic more, but recently purchased a resonator after being attracted to swamp delta blues after listening to Justin Johnson. I was asked about my user name The Clueless Luthier. I decided that I wanted to learn how to make guitars as well after watching a master named Chris Alvarado on YouTube. With my wifes encouragement I started buying what I need and decided to put my adventure on youtube as well. I was jealous of some of the other cool usernames and changed mine to reflect my new adventure. I am looking forward to participating more as our life is settling down from our recent move.


Welcome Mark

Your 4 years have served you well, given your recent original recording. You seem to be making good progress but as you say enjoyment is paramount, why else bother ? So I guess the next question is, how is the Luthiering going ? Reckon I would be closer to a lucifer than a luthier !
Have you completed any builds yet ? Would be very interested to see your handy work. Good to see you here.



Thanks, Toby. So far I have filmed a humorous intro with my wife who plays my Long Suffering Wife. She will continue to do cameos to make them more fun. I have also filmed my making a workbench and unboxing of my guitar kit and tools. I plan on starting my first build today, a triple-o kit from Stewmac. The video I posted is actually on that YouTube channel as well as some humorous songs and parodies that Jen and I did last winter.

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Thanks both for the intro and sharing what is behind your user name, Mark. Now is there content to take a look at on your channel? If so, please share the link. I’d find it fascinating.

Yes, I have the intro, my workbench build, unboxing, and our 4 Pandemic House Wide Tour videos from last winter. It is also where I put the song video that I shared. I am filming the first guitar build video this morning.

Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg3WsMflOa44WhigiYo5-CQ

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Hello and welcome Mark. :slight_smile:

Welcome! I used to live in Orlando. Was going up to Eustis quite a bit right before I moved. Also enjoyed going up to Mount Dora during the holidays. George’s music is Orlando was probably one of my favorite guitar shops. Bought my current Martin there actually.

Thanks Sefan! It is nice to be back in the community.

Thanks Joe! I made a pilgrimage to Georges a few months ago. My wife sat and read her book while I played guitars. I have been trying to make it to the various guitar shops in the area. Now I want to try visiting the local luthiers.

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Yeah, I always enjoyed interacting with the people who work there.

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Hello @TheCluelessLuthier welcome to the Community.

Cheers :smiley:
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Thanks @Richard_close2u.