Hi, I’’m Gary from the UK

Hi all, I’m Gary from the Uk.

I started playing guitar about 10 years ago and like many others, became frustrated

and decided to give up.

After losing my wife towards the end of last year, I’ve needed something to focus on and decided

to get my old Vintage V300 acoustic out of the loft and start again.

I’m re visiting Justin’s beginner lessons to try and get my technique right and get my fingers back in shape.

I’m no singer, so I will be concentrating on fingerstyle, which I’ve always loved.

I will put up a recording soon of where I’m at now and hopefully will progress further this time, looking forward to the months and years ahead.


Hello Gary and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear about the lose of your wife, hopefully music will help you as it does have the ability to refocus your mind on other things.

I look forward to you sharing your playing in the AVOYP section when you are ready.

Welcome to the Community, Gary. I hope the guitar and music can provide some comfort in this time. I’m sure those red fingers will ease soon enough.

Welcome Gary!
Very sorry to hear of your loss mate.
You have joined a wonderful community here, full of beautiful and generous people of all levels, helping each other out on this great guitar journey.
Looking forward to your progress. Just ask away if you have any questions at all, and join in the fun. :grinning:


So sorry to read about the loss of your wife. Tragic reason to pick up your guitar again. But I’m sure this will be a kind of therapy to focus on something positive in dark moments. A lot of really nice people in this community will help you to get along on this journey learning to play.

Hello Gary and welcome to the community.

Sorry, to hear about your loss and good luck with your guitar adventure.

Hi Gary,
Sorry for your loss.
I’m happy you’ve decided to give the guitar another go- if you can stick with it long enough, it can be so rewarding.
I’m looking forward to hearing your recording :smiley:

Hi Gary:

Thanks for sharing such personal details. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I started playing years ago to use as therapy for dealing with a loss as well. I sounded so awful I gave up. That is until I found Justin Guitar. This program has helped me makes leaps and bounds in progress in just over a year. Think of your music as the self expression of the artist you are. Post some videos and get some feedback. You can be the musician you want to be. Welcome!

Hi Gary, sorry to hear about your loss. Glad you’re giving a new chance to the guitar. Justin provides a structured and comprehensive path for you to learn. You just have to provide the practice time and you will see the fruits. No rush. Enjoy every progress achieved.

Hey Gary, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of your loss. Fingerstyle was all that interested me when I started playing and it’s given me great rewards over the years. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Gary-check out the video I posted to the record yourself forum… One more light.

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Hi Gary and a great big welcome to the community. Sorry to read that of your loss. I hope you gain comfort, joy and inspiration through music. You have come to a good place if learning guitar, playing songs and meeting like-minded folk is your intent. I look forward to a fingerstyle video when you are ready. :slight_smile:

Hello Gary,
Welcome here, hopefully making music gives you the same strength as many have experienced in their lives in the face of heavy setbacks,…you are busy with new things, so you have found the right way to a better life…strength… and have fun here,

Welcome Gary. I am sorry for your loss, hopefully guitar will provide a way forward and give you enjoyment

Welcome Gary and sorry for your loss. Hopefully you can find some kind of solace through your music. If not just reach out into this warm, friendly an helpful community and we’ll do our best to help you but you’ll always have our 100% support.



Hello Gary nice to meet you look forward to hearing more from you