Hi, i`m Rogier from the Netherlands

I have neglected to make an introduction to the new site, and I understand that it is actually the intention … kind of you all that I was not pointed out so harshly…

I’m going to try to keep it super short,…although that’s usually very difficult for me, but the intention is there.
around the age of 16 until something in my 18s I “played” in a friends band for a while… the rest was quite good and there are even some who started playing professionally… I had the guitar in my back against that hands to have such a reason to …yes what exactly?..my amplifier was very soft…I seldom practiced, mainly because my wrists and fingers were always sore, and I had trouble remembering 5 names of (open) chords…but it was a good time.
after that I didn’t touch the guitar anymore,…I got very sick a little over 10 years ago which ended in December 2018 with the announcement that it wouldn’t take that long anymore for me…the daily 41 medicines … severe inflammations and neurological disorders, and some other things had taken its toll, I held a cup of tea with difficulty with both hands for instance.
when the GP came to tell me I decided to take a different approach…a year later 1 or 2 days before Christmas I could suddenly touch my nose with my finger with my eyes closed…this was far from possible .i called a friend that day to bring a guitar over,
because I wanted to do some finger exercises to get them more mobile…5 minutes a day and 2 months later on March 1st I was able to position my fingers in the c chord.
and after a long difficult start\search on Youtube I ended up on Justingitaar.com a few months later…and have been playing every day since then…except for 8 days…at least 1 hour guitar and 1 hour theory …but more often I sit 4 hours a day with that thing around my neck.
…life is good again, I haven’t seen a doctor for 3 years and I take 0, zero, no more medicines, people with a medical background or my GP (who I also haven’t seen for a year), … look as if they see water burning when I tell them about my past, even family and friends are still amazed when I speak to them…
alleen wel jammer dat mijn ruggewerfels 5 stuks zijn ingezakt ,en mijn hele skelet ernstig is beschadigd,daarom zit ik nog in een rolstoel,maar niet meer dus vanwege de aflopende neuropathie die ervoor zorgde dat ik 7 jaar geleden vast in de rolstoel kwam
only a pity that my spinal cords have collapsed 5 pieces, and my entire skeleton is seriously damaged, that’s why I’m still in a wheelchair, but not anymore because of the descending neuropathy that made sure that I was stuck in a wheelchair 7 years ago,
I’m going to stop typing quickly, this is getting out of hand.

Greetings to anyone who reads this nonsense, just remember that the version of this whole story is actually more than 500 pages long, so you can easily get away with it.


Sounds like you have been through the mill (old English expression for life being pants !!). Good you are off your meds and great you have found the guitar again. I hope it brings you pleasure and wish you well. :sunglasses:

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Good to see you here again Rogier, and glad you are doing better now being able to chase the dream of playing a guitar :slight_smile:

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You can indeed say that yes Toby… and not unimportant, thanks to the guitar and music theory I can fall asleep well, by thinking about that my head stays nice and quiet focused on one thing … that saves a sleeping problem where I’ve been suffering from this since I remember…

Quite an inspirational story, Rogier! I usually like to toss out a silly or clever little quip, but I have nothing like that for you here. I’m glad you have proved the physicians and everyone else wrong! Keep playing and keep proving them wrong!

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Thanks guys,
And Dave,…please joke away…i am not for the most part sugar…most of it is water so i parry fire too…25 years this year together with my lovely wife,…and I don’t know if it’s still a good expression when translated, but I know by now,…ON THE EDGE OF THE RAVINE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS GROW :sunglasses:

unfortunately too many people fall over the edge, and that is of course drama, so looking up the edge or wishing someone is not the intention

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Welcome Rogier and good to have you in the community

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Well, hello (again) Rogier, and thank you for the gripping introduction :smiley:

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments and your enthusiasm is quite infectious.
I like your ‘expression’

It’s similar to, but more positive one than mine:
Auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn :laughing:

I’m happy you appear to have found your own path to recovery, after a series of disasters. The fact that the guitar plays such an important role in that mechanism is very promising :smiley:
You’re not the first one I’ve come across in the Community who emply their guitar as a therapeutic as well as musical instrument. Humans are weird creatures

I look forward to following future instalments of your journey

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:joy: :rofl:…my cat was startled by my loud laughter.
And weird creatures…you can say that…both good and… :speak_no_evil:

The new focusrite is shining next to me…now time to make the old computer…or a new one…,cough…but only on weekends does my wife have a little time to look at it, and i stay out myself near “the white screen of death”…

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Hello Rogier and welcome. :slight_smile:

That is a fair story but I’m glad to hear that you have managed to start play the guitar again.

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