Hi - I'm ChasetheDream (aka Rwoodlin from the old forum). I'm chasing my dream

Hello, friends! Just moving in from my previous abode at JGCommunity where my user name was rwoodlin. I thought I would use something more appropriate to my reason for relocating.
The new and improved upload features here will be utilized as soon as I figure out the proper places to put things such as pics of my guitars, amps and other toys. If I can upload video directly without having to use a third party platform, I will start posting in the AVOYP section.
It is good to be here!


Welcome to the new abode! :smiley:

Hi Robert

Good to see you have walked over the bridge. With regards to all your gear etc you can start a Roadcase here.

which is in this section in the list of categories

And as you can see that’s where AOVYP lives as well.

Regards uploading videos I’ve not tried that but a drag and drop of pictures works. I’ll go test it out in the New Community Issues and Question section. You can just drop a Youtube or Soundcloud link into a topic and it will automatically be embedded which is a lot easier.

I’ll be around helping folks through the door like the others that were part of testing. So just holler if you need owt. Or message me.



Welcome to the new and improved hang out space!

Glad to see you hear, Robert, to continue to chase the dream with the rest of us dreamers

Hi there Robert, so glad you’re here. I’m looking forward to hearing you play.

Hi Robert, good to see you make the move :slight_smile:

Welcome along I dig the new user name! Keep chasin’ and diggin’!