Hi I'm Dennise. Wow! New Day, New Community Page

Gidday Dennise from Australia. Just logged onto the new community page. Blows my mind. Struggling a little to find things but love the layout.

I am currently doing consolidation on Beginners Stage 2. Think I’ll be there a while. I love the song app and use it every day. I’ve been looking for a good song to learn tabs for.

I had a road case but it’s gone missing. Maybe I need to earn more trust to get to it. Anyway cheers to a great site. See ya.


Good to see you here Dennise. In terms of Roadcase you would have to copy over your old RC from old forum to here manually. Just create a new topic and copy/paste the content in whichever form you prefer. I did mine like this:

Adi_mrok’s Road Case

Good to see you over hear, Dennise.

No worries on consolidating … 3 years later I think I am still mostly consolidating :laughing:


Hi again, good to see you and welcome.

If you need advice moving you RC over, just shout up as usual. :sunglasses:

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Welcome aboard @dennise
See you around!

Welcome @dennise nice to see you here! I love how I woke up to find this place bursting with life and new arrivals. Congratulations @LievenDV on a successful launch! :clap:

Hello and welcome Dennise

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